E-commerce sites that rank high in search engine results make 157% more profit.

E-commerce sites that rank high in search engine results make 157% more profit.
05 May 2017

E-commerce sites that rank high in search engine results make 157% more profit.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - SEO, Search Engine Optimization, has become a philosophy in the digital world. To rank high in the results of search engines such as Google and Yandex, which are most visited by internet users, directly affect the profitability of companies operating in various sectors from e-commerce to transportation. In this sense, SEO Consultancy and many more digital services offering crovu the top position in one of the e-commerce site in Google search results, according to research in Turkey is getting lower as about 157% more profit than in. In 2020, this ratio is expected to be 200%.

Google search engine results and be able to get top rankings in order to appeal to a wider audience to do the SEO work, it is quite popular in Turkey. At this point, the interest shown in search engine optimization, SEO consultancy and similar areas of work is increasing the need for. According to CROVU, which operates in this context, there are several ways to maximize the profit of companies;

1. Enter content for users, not Google.
Today, in order to rank high on Google, many websites enter content on a daily basis. Most of the time, however, users do not read these content, and only certain keywords are entered in order to rank high. According to Crovu, with Google's new algorithm, B RankBrain taktik, this tactic is now on the dusty shelves of history. Those who are a blogger or a blog / news website need to be able to design a user-oriented version of his or her text, literally or even the picture he adds. Applications aimed at allowing the user to spend time and enjoy the internet at the targeted website are rewarded by Google.

2. Increase your site's interaction with social media.
It is very important that the content on the website is shared simultaneously in social media accounts. Thus, site traffic can be increased through social media. According to Crovu, traffic to the website via social media is as valuable and effective as traffic through Google. According to Crovu's research, 27% of sales in the e-commerce sector in 2017 were realized through social media shares.

3. Use the Expedited Mobile Pages feature.
Content-intensive websites need to integrate the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) feature, which Google announced last year's support. Google said that those who use AMP support on their websites will gain priority in mobile search results. According to Crovu, with AMP, it is possible to both go up in search results and have pages that display faster. In this way, the visitors can spend time on the website happy and satisfied.

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