“FERMAN” From Emrah Karataş

“FERMAN” From Emrah Karataş
24 May 2017

“FERMAN” From Emrah Karataş

Emrah Karataş's single “Ferman” was released on Viya Music label.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Produced by Kurtuluş Cengiz Viya Music label published by the "Ferman" single song single work of the song and the music belongs to Emrah Karataş'a. Emre Yalcintas electric guitar and Bülent Ay performed the drums. Keyboard, mix, mastering and arrangements of Emrah Karataş's Ferman song, which plays bass guitars, belong to Kurtulus Cengiz.

Ersin Ecrin directed the clip of the artist who did not categorize his music.

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Producer & Editing: Kurtuluş Cengiz
Lyrics & Music: Emrah Karataş
Drum: Bülent Ay
Electric Guitar: Emre Yalçıntaş
Bass Guitar: Emrah Karataş
Keyboard: Liberation Cengiz
Mix & Mastering: Kurtuluş Cengiz
Production: Viya Müzik

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