30% loss occurs every year in the lists sent by e-mail!

30% loss occurs every year in the lists sent by e-mail!
12 July 2017

30% loss occurs every year in the lists sent by e-mail!

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The e-mail marketing method that companies use to communicate with their own and potential customers is experiencing list losses due to various errors. “The more e-mail address, the more returns” the companies acting with the idea; risking the entire campaign due to emails sent to addresses that are not valid or valid, or to people on leave. For example, when sending to a list of 10,000 people, 1,000 of which corresponds to 10% of them may be inaccurate. Those that will be made to the correct addresses due to the sending to the wrong e-mail addresses are also affected negatively. According to ReturnPath's report, known as an authority on e-mail in the world, when there is a 10% incorrect e-mail address in the list, the e-mails will not reach more than 44%.

The increasing popularity of e-mail marketing has been used for many years in many countries, especially in technology-related countries such as the United States. However, the most common “invalid email” problem cannot be prevented. Therefore, many companies, unintentionally, can make irreversible investments. In this context, INBOX, the e-mail marketing platform, enables users to prevent all these problems with the e-mail verification system INBOXverify.

There will be no more incorrect email submissions!
Emin Onur Genç, the founder of INBOX, the e-mail marketing platform that draws attention to the fact that e-mail, which is the oldest communication tool in the digital world, is one of the most important communication channels of today and the future, has become one of the most used digital marketing methods of recent years. With mail marketing, there will be no more incorrect submissions. Stating that they have carried out various studies in line with the experience of the years and the needs of the market, Genç mentioned INBOXverify, the e-mail verification system they have developed for the high availability of e-mail. Hiçbir No mailing list that is not checked regularly is not clean. Therefore, the lists sent by e-mail have a natural loss of 30% every year. For this reason, lists that have not been professionally cleaned for a long time can be easily checked with INBOXverify. In this context, we go one step further and offer the list analysis feature free of charge to to everyone who wishes for the first time in the world. This service enables the segmentation of lists through artificial intelligence, and provides predictable results accordingly. Thus, it is possible to see if there is a need to clear the list. ”

98% clean lists with INBOXVerify.
Genç said that starting to benefit from e-mail marketing without listing clearance means purchasing large packages for people who cannot be reached at all. “List clearing process is not an extra cost, it is a process that has more return with less investment in the long term. Cleared lists with INBOXverify are ready to send at least 98%. All e-mails that are no longer used (no response from the server) are cleaned up and ready for a maximum access. The system is also very simple to use. It uploads the list to the system and automatically gives you an estimate of how dirty your list is. With this information, you can perform the cleaning process if you want. ”

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