itelligence brings young talents to the sector with 360 SAP 360 ° Career Camp ”.

itelligence brings young talents to the sector with 360 SAP 360 ° Career Camp ”.
24 July 2017

itelligence brings young talents to the sector with 360 SAP 360 ° Career Camp

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Itellience, one of the largest international business partners in the ecosystem of SAP, the world's leading software for business applications, organized a talent program called SAP 360 ° Career Camp within to discover and recruit young talents. Starting with 36 participants, the program started with 30 talent who made a difference with their attitudes and behaviors appropriate to the corporate culture, exam achievements and individual presentations.

More than 1,500 applicants who met the criteria set by Human Resources applied to the SAP 360 ° Career Camp, which was held for the second time this year on June 19-July 4, in order to inform young people about the IT sector and bring them to the SAP world. After the interviews, tests and evaluations, 36 participants were accepted to the program. During the 12-day career program supported by 20 internal trainers, the candidates received 15 different modules. Within the scope of the trainings, participants who widened the sectoral perspective and also knew the concept of innovation closely had the chance to practice with the thinking design thinking ”method used to develop service, process and solution processes as well as innovative thinking. As a result of the trainings provided, it was aimed for the participants to gain 360 degree competence in SAP field.

Itelligence CEO, Dr. Abdülbahri Danış said, “As itelligence, we are constantly renewing ourselves, so we are rapidly developing and growing. In this direction, we organize an academic program called 360 SAP 360 ° Career Camp inde with the help of our experienced HR team in order to discover the qualified and young talents we need. Thanks to the close cooperation we established with universities, we received very high applications this year as in the previous year. After a thorough elimination process, we conducted an intensive 2-week program. We employed 83% of the participants within itelligence. We are proud and proud of bringing young talents to our team through such a program. ”

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