The new address for lovers of reading and writing Balat

The new address for lovers of reading and writing Balat
07 August 2017

The new address for lovers of reading and writing Balat

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Since August, those who are willing to read and write will meet at the Unprocessed Projects Workshop in Balat. Workshops organized by the New Generation Author Platform with the Spelling Guide and Non-Projects are held between 19:00 - 21:00 on Wednesdays and 14:00 - 16:00 on Saturdays. As part of the program, which will continue until the end of October, coffee talks are held with the authors about their books and their adventures in writing. Her Everything About the Story ”and Baş Alone with the Editors” activities; open to anyone interested in writing. At the events in Balat, the characters in the popular classical works are brought to life by the theater actors. The events are held in the library area of ​​the Unprocessed Projects Workshop.

Everything About the Story (6 - 13 - 20 - 27 September | 19: 00-21: 00)
Anyone who wants to story his idea can attend the workshop on Wednesday evenings. The moderator, screenwriter and screenwriter consultant Akın Tek, the workshop where the method to be followed in order to construct a script, novel or story, is explained through examples.

Head to Head with Editors (9 September | 14:00 - 16:00)
Anyone who is keen on writing and trying to write has the opportunity to evaluate what they have written at the same table with the editors by bringing a page sample of their texts.

Coffee Talks with Authors (16 - 30 September | 14:00 - 16:00)
The first event will be held on August 19 with Sezgin Kaymaz, and there are discussions with the authors about their books and their adventures with authorship. Ozgur Mumcu on September 16 and Algan Sezginturedi on September 30 will be guests.

At The Table With The Book Characters (23 September | 14:00 - 16:00)
The characters in the popular works of art turn into flesh and bone! Theater actors who play the famous characters share the table with the participants and analyze the book and the character through character.

About Projects
Was established in January 2016 by A. Seçkin Canan in Balat in order to support everyone who produces and develops them and to provide them with free space and production opportunities. We aimed at transforming the business model of the production of human competence huaas Being the first and only representative in Turkey Projects, he has implemented so far three attempts. There is a common working area on the ground floor, a workshop for designers and laborers on the ground floor, and a thematic library on the upper floor. The doors of the workshop are open to everyone who wants to produce and work together.

About the Spelling Guide
The Spelling Guide, established by writer, editor and publisher Şeniz Baş and academician Pınar Akseki; is a literary agency with a love of reading, writing enthusiasm and an adventurous spirit. The main objective of Turkey's digital enthusiasts to post trying to find your way around to reach the value of information and transfer of words or agencies which make one to one work with at every stage of the writing journey; from the first idea to the last sentence, from cover to printing, he continues to work as the companion of the pen holder. In addition, the workshop, panels, interviews and courses, as well as literary writers and editors to meet with the sharing of increased, strengthening communication and aims to establish new collaborations.

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