Art and literature lovers meet at Nazım Hikmet Büyükada Summer Camp!

Art and literature lovers meet at Nazım Hikmet Büyükada Summer Camp!
22 August 2017

Art and literature lovers meet at Nazım Hikmet Büyükada Summer Camp!

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey's young people from all over the island of Büyükada, he will learn to have fun and meet both art and literature under the roof. Nazım Hikmet Büyükada Summer Camp, organized by Kartal Municipality in order to help young people learn and enjoy art and literature during their summer holidays and to contribute to their personal development, started with a ceremony held on 21 August at Büyükada Social Facilities.

In the opening ceremony of the camp which was held for the second time this year; Kartal Mayor Op. Dr. Altınok Öz, President of Adalar Foundation Halim Bulutoğlu, Nazım Hikmet Büyükada Summer Camp Coordinator Gündüz Vassaf, Republican People's Party Artvin Deputy Uğur Bayraktutan and his wife, Republican People's Party Çorum Member Tufan Köse, Islands City Council Member Begüm Yavuz, Community Volunteers Foundation Board Member Betül Demir and citizens took part. The opening ceremony was hosted by artist Konuralp Sunal.

Turkey made announcements throughout the audition held, by taking interest in art and literature; 19 children from different regions, ages ranging from 17 to 19, were admitted to the camp. In the camp that will be held for 9 days in Kartal Municipality Büyükada Kartal Hotel; children who will be introduced to concepts such as intercultural dialogue, culture of living together, tolerance and equality will have the opportunity to examine the works of Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet, who has the most place in world literature, more closely. The camp will include art and literature workshops, as well as sports events and excursions.

The organizers of the camp, which is the main sponsorship of Kartal Municipality, are Adalar Foundation; Community Volunteers Foundation, BirİZ Association and Adalar City Council also support the project.

In his opening speech, Nazım Hikmet Büyükada Summer Camp Coordinator Gündüz Vassaf said, “Nazım Hikmet was a poet of hope. Our society and the world may be going through hard times, but no one has the right to give up hope. Despair spreads like a plague, a disease very quickly. You, dear youth, have come to share your hope with us. Thank you very much for being ready to share your hope. ”

Kartal Mayor Op. Dr. Self Altınok his speech in the camp is very caring and Turkey that love is not hate the thing that will save and said, "Nazim Hikmet's also walk the path where there's love as impossible," he said. Öz, his speech, "young people from different regions of our country with their own culture and traditions in a multi-cultural place such as Büyükada, this camp, a culture of living together and perceive the diversity of wealth is very important. I am honored to host this camp for two years." ended.

Halim Bulutoğlu, President of Adalar Foundation, who expressed his happiness for the traditionalization of the camp, said, toplam A total of 20 young people in our camp came from 10 different provinces. They will learn even more in a series of training and events every day. All of our collaborators supporting the camp, and especially Kartal Mayor Op.Dr. I thank Altınok Öz very much. Without his vision and vision, this camp would not have happened. ”

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