Nazim Hikmet's dream came true!

Nazim Hikmet's dream came true!
07 September 2017

Nazim Hikmet's dream came true!

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ISTANBUL (TR) - A youth camp attended by Nazim Hikmet in years in exile, he established for children and young people in Turkey took place in Büyükada imagine.

Young people who are passionate about art and literature gathered together and this year, Nazım Hikmet Büyükada Summer Camp was held for the second time. The certificate ceremony of the camp lasted 9 days. Dr. Altınok Öz, President of Adalar Foundation Halim Bulutoğlu, Adalar City Council Board Member Begüm Yavuz and Nazım Hikmet Büyükada Summer Camp Coordinator Gündüz Vassaf, as well as İbrahim Betil, Founder of Community Volunteers Foundation and Board Member Betül Demir. The camp started on 20 August under the main sponsorship of Kartal Municipality and ended with a trip to Istanbul on 29 August.

Izmir from Mardin, Samsun from Adiyaman to Turkey in the 17-19 age group, from 10 different cities in the Büyükada 19 young; Peace, art and literature workshops to follow the footsteps of Nazım Hikmet met. Adiyamanlı Bera Tuncer stated that differences under the umbrella of art and literature turned into a constructive element, not a discriminatory one. Rağmen Although we have different cultures, we have come together to show that we can better understand and do more. Thus, I think we have realized the dream of Nazım Hikmet. ”

Nazım Hikmet, especially young poets who met with the works of the world's leading poets; She received trainings on media literacy, hate speech, history, culture of living together, civil society and volunteering. Stating that he felt a sense of unity in the camp, Dicle Tanırgan from Mardin said: In fact, I realized that many of our abilities that we didn't realize emerge in unity and are much more meaningful. ”

The camp lasted for 9 days; In addition to training and workshops, he had a fun holiday with sports activities, boat tours and nature excursions. Some of the young people who participated in the camp saw Istanbul for the first time, some met the sea for the first time and some took halay for the first time. Dilek Gürbüz from İzmir said that she had a dream camp and said: “We realized the dream of Nazım Hikmet! He doesn't tell us, "Defend me!" There's only one thing she says: ‘Love it! Love nature, enjoy life, learn to live together ’.”

On the last day of the camp, Kartal Mayor Op. Dr. Altınok Öz stated that they will put their hands under the stone for bright generations. The organizers of this camp, Adalar Foundation, Adalar City Council and Nazım Hikmet Foundation are very successful in this regard. They did a lot of good things to broaden the perspective of young people. Today we crowned it. It was useful for us, for youth, for the country. It is a movement that goes beyond what was taboo in the past, thoughts, views, and exclusions due to the political thoughts of great poets. Therefore, people from different parts of Anatolia have learned to be both the great poet and to be together in this camp. ”

Gündüz Vassaf, Coordinator of the Summer Camp of Nazım Hikmet Büyükada who expressed his happiness for the success of the camp idea that started as a dream for the second time, said: “Our young people are new seeds. Our goal throughout Turkey in the camp, even beyond the borders of Turkey in the European countries, making our Turkish-speaking young people. This dream will become even more real if we can make such camps in Berlin, London, Frankfurt. Together with the young people attending the camp, we change every year. We are 68 generations; a generation that jumps with great enthusiasm but cannot bring an end to it. The young generation is as if they are accustomed to disasters and everything. At first glance they seem carefree, but when they adopt something they do it quietly and without a leader. This attitude is very different from our generation. We were after the leaders. This is a leaderless generation. But a generation who knows how to cooperate spontaneously. ”

Kartal Municipality of Buyukada camp hosted by Nazim Hikmet, Turkey over the next year also will welcome dozens of art and literature-loving teenager.

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