Kolay İK, global ürünü ‘Kolay’ ile yurt dışına açıldı

Kolay İK, global ürünü ‘Kolay’ ile yurt dışına açıldı
04 December 2018

Kolay IK opened abroad with its global product "Kolay"

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Cloud-based personnel management software and human resources platform Kolay IK; “Kolay", a global product that focuses on leave, performance evaluation and personnel management, has been opened abroad. Last year, the investment tour of Germany based Monkfish Equity $ 1 million investment by taking a signal to open globale Kolay IK, the global product ale Kolay dolar to enter into new markets with a significant step in the goal of becoming a global brand.

Turkey in the last one year on the 7th floor grew by 14 thousand on the company and 180 thousand on running the services it performs not started Kolay IK's launch of the "Kolay" a short time in the world's different countries was 200 company records. In the first 24 hours 2 companies bought the Kolay app. Kolay web application has been listed as the 4th best app of the day in Product Hunt. Ongoing initiatives to serve out my market in Turkey, will use the global, to address the

New brand identity for global vision

With the launch of the global product Kolay, Kolay IK, which will enter 2019 with brand new plans and product features, has renewed its appearance with its new brand identity work. Kolay IK is an initiative that aims to grow in a continuous and scalable manner by its nature. Both our team is growing, our product range and our market are expanding. Still thanks to Kolay IK English language support and customizable infrastructure were used in the different countries except Turkey. However, the vision of the Kolay IK is supported by its infrastructure. a software that can compete with all of the software currently operating in Turkey, why would operate in a much more market? This potential, which we have, has led to the birth of our global product Kolay.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55

About Kolay IK 

Kolay IK, Turkey's first cloud-based personnel management software. HR allows employees to focus on value-added jobs by minimizing their workload. It digitizes all processes related to personnel management, enables it to be executed under a single roof, increases efficiency and reduces errors. It provides solutions on many subjects such as permits, trainings, payroll, food card management, spending, participation in individual pension, embezzlement and personal information, performance management, and makes life easier for company employees and HR teams.