Koleksiyon Furniture brings SAP sales, service and marketing processes to the cloud with SAP Hybris!

Koleksiyon Furniture brings SAP sales, service and marketing processes to the cloud with SAP Hybris!
25 September 2017

Koleksiyon Furniture brings SAP sales, service and marketing processes to the cloud with SAP Hybris!

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Koleksiyon Mobilya, which carries out export, design and production activities around the world, has started the digital transformation process to be realized in partnership with itelligence business.

Turkey and offering different designs accessories from the furniture in a variety of industries around the world Collection of furniture, business applications, the world's leading software SAP's biggest international business partner in the ecosystem in agreement with itelligence has launched the digital transformation journey.

With its Hybris SAP sales marketing and service processes to the cloud, Koleksiyon Mobilya has an infrastructure of international standards and will be able to commission order processes with faster, easier and flexible quotation in all sales processes.

Within the scope of the project, all processes can be controlled on a single system by using “Hybris Marketing”, “Hybris Sales Cloud” and br Hybris Service Cloud in solutions of SAP. With the project, which is planned to be completed in January 2018, the control mechanism will be strengthened by integrating mobile sales processes into the central system, customers can be separated online and offline, personalized campaign management can be performed and customer feedback will be managed instantly.

CEO of itelligence Dr. Abdülbahri Danış said, “The business world is reshaping today, business models and customer expectations are changing. As of 2014, digitization has emerged as an important process for the furniture sector, which created more than 165,000 jobs and reached a value of $ 14 billion, and exports last year of $ 1.9 billion *. At this point, we are very happy to realize the digital transformation of Koleksiyon Mobilya, one of the most important furniture and accessory manufacturers in Turkey. 

* OAİB Furniture Sector Report, 2016

About itelligence
Established in 1989 in Germany, itelligence is one of the largest international business partners in SAP's ecosystem, the world leader in business applications. With 6,000 employees in 24 countries, SAP produces complementary approaches to its solutions. It increases the competitiveness by offering the developing technology to the service of the corporations. It enables them to achieve their goals of digital transformation and sustainable growth. SAP's Platinum Business Partner itelligence has been operating in our country since 2000. The company's largest markets are Germany, the USA, Denmark, England and Switzerland, as well as the outstanding performance of Turkey is well placed in the SAP ecosystem. itelligence, the 525-person team of experts in Turkey, SAP enterprise software solutions to over 360 customers and serves on the advisory area.

About Collection
Founded in 1972 by architect Faruk Malhan in Ankara, Koleksiyon; has been offering a wide range of products from furniture to glass, porcelain to textiles for more than 40 years. Since 1988, the collection has been producing home and office furniture in its 86,000 square meter production center in Tekirdağ, and has been active in more than 35 international locations from London to New York. New ideas, new standards and new design concepts by synthesizing high-quality furniture design understanding, rather than industrial products, trying to create their products fall and thought through innovative concepts that focus on the work culture Collection, Turkey, and is preferred by many large companies in the world. The collection draws attention with its new living space fiction in home furniture.

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