Despite the 24% exchange rate increase, the number of students going abroad has increased by 15%!

Despite the 24% exchange rate increase, the number of students going abroad has increased by 15%!
26 October 2017

Despite the 24% exchange rate increase, the number of students going abroad has increased by 15%!

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The number of students going abroad increased by 15% in the first 9 months of 2017 compared to the previous year, despite an average exchange rate increase of 24% in USD and Euro terms. According to the data provided by Academix, an international education consulting firm; Students from Turkey and most (21%) going abroad for language training. It is followed by undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as summer schools. The most popular location for language programs is the UK. Then comes the USA, Malta, Canada, Schengen countries, Ireland, Australia and South Africa. Young people stay abroad for 2-3 months on average for language education. Half of those under the age of 18 go to England and America. English for students who want to study abroad is değil not bad cesi.

European countries and language school programs for language education are more attractive!
According to Academix, which helps Turkish students who want to study abroad make the right choices; England is the leading country for language education with 23%, USA is the 2nd with 21% and Malta is the 3rd with 8%. These are followed by Canada (6%), Australia, Russia and Asia (3%), South Africa (2%). foreign students in Turkey When we look at the interest in the edu program is making the first choice of language schools with 21%. This is followed by undergraduate programs (18%), summer schools (17%) and graduate programs (10%).

General courses are more in demand. Most preferred courses are 8 to 12 weeks.
While 30% of students are interested in general courses, 21% are intensified and 14% prefer exam preparation courses. Only 9% of the students go to the language-only course, while 13% prefer word-based courses. According to Academix data, 26% of students prefer 8 to 12 weeks of study programs, of which 25% are 4 to 8, 22% are 12 to 24, 15% are more than 4 weeks, 12% is interested in training programs in less than 24 weeks.

Achievement with 3,000 agencies in 22 countries…
In the world 16 thousand, Middle and across Eastern Europe 1800, in Turkey than 250, indicating that the more overseas education agency Academix General Coordinator Engin Coşar, "since 1996 the students' education and career goals in Turkey with the aim of providing the most appropriate study abroad options we are working. In this sense, we continue to collect the fruits of the seedlings we planted. We are proud to be awarded the ‘2017 Eastern Europe Star Agency’ award, which we have been nominated for 3 years in the most important competition of international education sector organized by Student Travel Magazine every year. The competition takes place in the Eastern European region, where nearly 3,000 agencies from 22 countries operate with the votes of educational institutions from all over the world. ”

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About Academix
Since 1996, Academix Abroad Education Consultancy has been aiming to provide the most suitable overseas education options for Turkish students for their education and career goals. company, which has 11 branches in Turkey, especially in America, Britain, Italy, the world's many prestigious schools and institutions, including Australia and Canada, language, school programs, undergraduate and graduate, is doing the diploma and certificate programs representative in Turkey.