Tips for investment for young entrepreneurs

Tips for investment for young entrepreneurs
26 October 2017

Tips for investment for young entrepreneurs 

With its 3rd investment in 3 years, Kolay HR shares the secrets behind its success with young entrepreneurs.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey's first cloud-based Kolay HR personnel management software, Germany-based Equity Monkfish receive $ 1 million under the leadership of the new investment has reached about $ 1.5 million financing with earlier. Having acquired 3 different investments in 3 rounds: seed investment, angel investor and venture capital company so far, Kolay HR has grown 7 times in 2014-2017 and offers solutions for human resources and personnel management to more than 10,000 companies and more than 110 thousand employees. They facilitate the strengthening of SMEs and corporations, as well as digitalization of the personnel management process in Turkey Yali transfer Kolay HR Co-Founder Ages, it offers important clues about the young entrepreneurs to the investment process.

Learn Finance
Remember that investment is a financial process. Find out how and with what calculations traders expect returns from a stock. Convince the investor by making your plan accordingly. You will need good financial knowledge not only in the investment process, but also in managing the company.

Focus on Lead Investor
The investor, who determines the valuation of the company and makes the first investment, plays the most critical role in each investment round. It is not easy to persuade each investor to evaluate separately during the investment process. Convince one person completely by talking in depth to an investor that other investors will trust. If he is a good leading investor, he will attract other investors.

Work with a very, very good lawyer
Your lawyer is your greatest friend in the investment process. You'il talk on the phone almost every day. Therefore, work with lawyers who are familiar with the investment processes and know how to talk to investors. Even the slightest mistake of your lawyer can extend the investment process by 1 month. Usually it is easy to decide on investment and valuation and investment. Then the contract process is a much more intensive process.

Be ethical
You may or may not receive investment. But you will probably work for many years in this industry. Therefore, do not engage in unethical behavior, such as providing untrue information to investors or trying to raise valuation from another investor using one investor. Keep in mind that investors are talking among themselves.

Someone to get your back together.
Not all founding partners should focus on investment. In this case, all business activities such as sales, product development and operations will slow down. One of the team should trust to manage the investment process, and the rest of the team should strive to keep the company growing. The most dangerous thing that can happen to an enterprise is not being able to get investment, not growing.

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