Ersa receives “Good Design” Award from Design Turkey 2017

Ersa receives “Good Design” Award from Design Turkey 2017
09 November 2017

Ersa receives “Good Design” Award from Design Turkey 2017

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey and Ersa offer unique designs for living and working areas in cooperation with numerous valuable designers from around the world, the rewarding of products gives added value and competitive advantage by designing Design Turkey Industrial Design Competition, ECE Yale Design Studio signed with the Envelope II "Good Design" award awarded.

Today the world's 41 countries to export products with Turkey and furniture of a large number of users from around the world, design, E to provide high-quality solutions for manufacturing and architectural needs, has added a new one to its prestigious design awards over 50. Ece Yalım Design Studio has been awarded with v Good Design ile award by Envelope II, a working unit developed for working spaces and common areas. Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) President Mehmet Büyükekşi and the Industrial Designers Society (ETMK) received from the President of the Association Sertac ERSAY. Ersa received the “Good Design” award in 2012, the first year of the organization with its Envelope waiting unit.

Gen Genetic Codes of Turkish Design ’at Design Turkey 2017
ECE Yalım Design Studio has developed for Ersa Another design which Tambour puff, "Turkey Design Week" under the regulation and Turkish craft and the fed objects from the wealth created by the art, precious designer of touch with focusing on the enrollment process into the world of design, "Genetic Code of the Turkish Design" event visitors at the exhibition offers a special selection for you.

Ecological, Punk, Retro-Futuristic and Maximal Areas
Designed by Burak Koçak, Hull is the Twins and Carnival series by Geo and Ece Yalım Design Studio by Şule Koç; ecological, punk, retro-futuristic and corners created in order to create maximal life "Trends in the Field", from 8-12 November, invites visitors to experience different spatial experiences of Turkey Design Week.

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About Ersa
Text established by Atabay Ata and ERSA to be involved in the management at the date the family's 3rd generation members in all areas where there is furniture, into contact with the most people possible, Turkey and furniture of the world's consumers, design, creative for production and architectural needs and developing quality solutions . Taking its energy from the satisfaction of its employees and its customers, Ersa always aims to carry all its products and services forward in line with the quality and trust elements that form the basis of the corporate culture. Ersa combined its production capability with the experience of international solution partners. In 2014, Haworth signed a single authorized sales agreement with Haworth, one of the world's largest office furniture brands. Since the past year and Quadrifoglio of Cappellini brand is the representative of Turkey. In 2016, it partnered with the British Frem Group.