Avrupa’nın En Büyük Tele-Tıp Şirketinin Görüntülü Muayene Alt Yapısı Türkiye’den!

Avrupa’nın En Büyük Tele-Tıp Şirketinin Görüntülü Muayene Alt Yapısı Türkiye’den!
07 December 2018

Europe's Largest Tele-Medicine, Video Inspection Infrastructure Company from Turkey!

The health sector also gets its share from digitalization. Intelligent devices, artificial intelligence technologies, the inadequacy of the number of doctors per person, especially in Europe, the rapid expansion of video health consulting. CCR arising from Turkey's easyconnect offers the possibility of visual inspection video prepared by the patient-doctor infrastructure Medgate's mobile app, Switzerland's 'most customer-centric solution' was awarded the prize.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Health is also rapidly digitalizing like many other sectors. Virtual reality glasses, 3D printers, artificial intelligence technologies, smart devices and chatbot enable patients to be diagnosed faster and more accurately. The telemedicine method, especially in Europe, where doctors can communicate with hospitals and patients is rapidly evolving towards the live and video health consultancy. Since 2000, Europe has developed the largest tele-medicine is to Medgat having a center from Turkey, nature, and a new generation of customer experience technology offers a mobile application that offers video medical consultation opportunity with Easy Connect video products developed by CCR. The application, launched in Europe in April, won the grand prize in the leri customer focus ğ category of the Golden Headset Award 2018, organized in collaboration with the Contact Management Magazine of, the Swiss Call Centers Association. This year, with the 10th organized awards; The most successful customer service applications in Switzerland are selected in categories such as innovation, employee orientation, customer orientation and best cooperation.

A new generation solution in patient-doctor communication

In this period, when the world population is getting older with each passing day, the importance of health services is increasing. However, not only in our country, even in the most developed countries of the world, the number of health professionals is insufficient. According to OECD data, the doctor declined to 1.8 thousand persons in Turkey, this figure is 2.6 in the US, emerges as 4.2 in Germany. Even in Switzerland, the second richest country in the world, there are 4.3 doctors per thousand people. In the country where all residents are required to have health insurance, close to 100 doctors serve more than 15 thousand patients through a new generation of visual inspection application Medgate. The satisfaction rate of the patients who evaluated the doctors and the quality of the interview after each video call was 94%.

Multi-channel with nature and with over 20 years experience in Turkey (omnichannel) with high quality developed by offering the customer experience technologies CCR provides the voice and video communications easyconnect video product, is the backbone of Medgate mobile application. Doctors perform their ir virtual examinations ’through live video; She can consult her doctor at home, at work, on holiday or hourly. Doctors can take photos of the patient's illnesses, injuries and record them together with the video call.

In We have become the first company to integrate CCR's innovative EasyConnect Video platform into an application, in said Anthony Dyson, CBC's Medeo, who has been in tele-medicine for 18 years. This solution enabled us to place the patient at the center of video health counseling, meeting all our expectations of the medical approach.

CCR CEO Türker Erkin said, şirket With the EasyConnect Video products we developed with original software, we contribute to create C excellent customer experience Easy. Medgate offers a new generation solution for patient-doctor communication in the healthcare industry using this product. It makes us proud that a local product has achieved such important successes in the global arena.

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About CCR

Since the year 2011 call center and voice solutions for producing CCR, Genesys partner in Turkey, Europe and operates in the Middle East. CCR, which has the strongest technical team in the region, directs the sector with EasyConnect products developed with the original software and contributes to create a özgün perfect customer experience ği. The R & D department of CCR, headquartered in Kozyatağı, Istanbul, is located in Yıldız Technical University İkitelli Technopark Campus. The CCR also offers technical consultancy, service and next-generation solutions to the Middle East through its office in Zurich since 2014, to the Middle East through its office in Dubai since 2017, and in the area of customer experience and call center. CCR has local and global references in many sectors such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, e-commerce.