Founder Institute Istanbul, 2018 Entrepreneurship Program Started!

Founder Institute Istanbul, 2018 Entrepreneurship Program Started!
17 November 2017

Founder Institute Istanbul, 2018 Entrepreneurship Program Started!

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The 2018 Entrepreneurship Program of Founder Institute Istanbul, a global venture network based in Silicon Valley, has started to help entrepreneurs build successful and sustainable technology companies. The first event of the program's 2-month pre-evaluation process took place on Thursday, November 16 at Kolektif House Levent with the title Geçiş Transition from Corporate Life to Entrepreneurship ”. Participation is free of charge; Founder CEO Labor Kırbıyık, pai Turkey CEO Emre Fall and Ödeal CEO Fevzi Güngör, he met with entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs, both shared their experiences, as well as answering curious questions.

Within the scope of the Founder Institute 2018 Entrepreneurship Program, the applicants will have the opportunity to come together with successful names in entrepreneurship during the application and pre-evaluation process, which will last until January 16, 2018, to listen to their knowledge and experience first-hand and to get to know the Entrepreneurship Program closely.

A number of applicants will be eligible to participate in the training, practice and mentoring section of the program, following the curriculum set up by the Founder Institute Silicon Valley. Starting in February 2018 under the program will last 14 weeks of entrepreneurs from Turkey and globally Founder will catch the chance to meet and network with mentors from the Institute of ideas that are one step closer to realization.

The next Founder Institute meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 28 at 19:00, IBM Client Center Levent, under the title Kur Establishing a Technology Initiative Without Technology Origin ”. You can sign up for the free event: LINK

2018 Entrepreneurship Program Training Calendar
28 December 2017 - Establish technology initiative without technology background
December 6, 2017 - Startup funding 101: Finding the capital for your mind
19 December 2017 - How to set up Startup: Meeting with ecosystem leaders and experienced entrepreneurs
09 January 2017 - From Engineering to Entrepreneurship: Startup Basics
January 16, 2017 - Establishing a startup company from scratch

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