18 years vaccination from MARKA Conference to the business world

18 years vaccination from MARKA Conference to the business world
11 December 2017

18 years vaccination from MARKA Conference to the business world

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Countdown for BRAND 2017 has begun! Turkey's most stunning idea called platform event, the leaders of the 13 to 14 December in the business world "18 years experience" to be lived.

Near the right way to shape the future of business in Turkey aimed at drawing a map BRAND Conference, will be held this year from 13 to 14 December 2017 at the Hilton Istanbul Bomonti. The event, which has been guiding the needs of the business world and its leaders for 18 years, will bring the dynamic spirit and energy of 18 years, one of the most important turning points of life, to the MARKA experience.

Turkey's most striking platform of ideas and inspiring BRAND 2017'n 2-day intensive program will take 18 hours in 42 sessions, 62 speakers will take the stage that marked the agenda with success. From artists to business leaders, from psychoanalysts to scientists, from serial entrepreneurs to writers and academics; world-renowned and pioneering experts in the field, MARKA audiences will prepare special 15-minute presentations will fit stunning content. Starting with social entrepreneurship, a critical concept for the business world, the program will close with an interactive section that combines conversation and music.

BJ Cunningham, known as the brand philosopher in 2017, is the moderator of the event, which has been organized by Yürekli, the leading organization of our country in the field of education, consultancy and conference services for 18 years and has been the main sponsor of Yapı Kredi World for 16 years. Those who want to participate in MARKA 2017 can register at

18 years of experience
Mr. Yürekli Chairman of the Board of Directors Ayşegül Yürekli Sengör said that the interest and enthusiasm for the MARKA Conference has always been at the summit for 18 years and said that with this performance, they have set an important example in terms of sustainability and stability. Yürekli Şengör, the creator of MARKA Conferences, explained the theme of 2017 as follows: “This year, we bring the mood of 18 years to MARKA experience. We will prepare the business world with this special experience for 2018, which we believe is full of great opportunities. 18 years of age, one of the most important turning points in human life, has features similar to any other period. Business world; bir We will instill the energy of courage and hope in the future as a young 18-year-old person who takes solid steps towards freedom, independence and maturity. ”

Artificial intelligence, technology and social media will shape our future.
Artificial intelligence, one of the hottest agenda items in the world, will also be discussed at MARKA 2017. Alexis Moiseenkov, founder and CEO of Prisma Labs, Russian technology leader and scientist, will make important statements that will guide the artificial intelligence investments of the Turkish business world. Steven Bartlett, the CEO of Social Chain, who has started social entrepreneurship with the energy of 18 years and manages the social media strategies of the biggest companies of the world today, will tell MARKA viewers how to mark social media. Sabancı University Finance Chair and economist Özgür Demirtaş will take the stage with journalist and television presenter Ahu Özyurt and say, “The future will come faster than expected ve and will discuss the impact of technology on our country's competitiveness.

The future of design and fashion is at MARKA 2017!
MARKA 2017 will host the leading names of the fashion and design world in Istanbul. Angelica Cheung, the grand diva of fashion, the founder and editor-in-chief of Vogue China, will analyze the consumer behavior of China's Millennium Belt in a comparative fashion with those in the West. The creator of the Chalayan brand, fashion genius Hüseyin Çağlayan, moderated by the famous design writer Emily King, will bring technology and magic together. British Fashion Council Executive Chair Caroline Rush and prominent leaders in fashion, Dylan Jones, Executive Editor of GQ UK magazine, will take MARKA audiences on a magical journey to the life of David Bowie. One of the key speakers of this year is Deyan Sudjic, Director of the London Design Museum. “The future can be seen and designed, Sud says Sudjic, describing technology-compatible designs and the role technology plays in designing the future.

There's art on the agenda!
Art is one of the most important topics that will mark MARKA 2017's agenda. art authority from Turkey and the world, to inspire the business world to meet BRAND scene. The world's largest art fair Frieze's founder Matthew Slotov with Turkey's most internationally recognized contemporary artist Kutlug Ataman, will be among the most notable speakers this year. Artist Ali Kazma and SAHA Chairman Füsun Eczacıbaşı, who will share the same stage, will draw attention to the importance of producing and not consuming art.

Stargate at MARKA 2017
Famous names of the art and show business will have an unforgettable experience on MARKA stage this year. Famous actors Seranay Sarıkaya and Ozan Güven will share the secrets of the digital breakthrough on television and the transformation of Turkish TV series. Cem Yılmaz, the genius of humor, will talk about his passion for cinema and Yeşilçam in his special session for MARKA 2017. Musician, composer, songwriter and producer Kenan Doğulu, who left lasting marks in everyone's life with his songs, will bring together the conversation with music with journalist Nevşin Mengü to mark MARKA 2017's closing.

Those who break the molds are on the MARKA stage…
Nick Jones, Founder and Director of Soho House, one of the most prestigious social clubs in the world, will bring a new definition to today's social needs. Alan Yau, the creator of successful concepts such as Wagamama and Hakkasan, will seek answers to the questions mı Is it easy for the restaurant industry to evolve with new technology? ” Susie Orbach, psychoanalyst, author, activist and eating disorder specialist, will make a dramatic confrontation and will make important explanations about the role of eating disorders and brands in this age when the dream of having a perfect body is pumped. Josh Littlejohn, the founder of Social Bite Restaurants, will be talking about his successful social initiative, which is exemplary around the world, providing jobs and food for the homeless. Julie Montagu, Founder of Flexi Foodie Academy, one of the world's leading leaders in the field of healthy living, will share the formula she has developed to be “good da in all circumstances throughout life.

Young people meet with MARKA
The MARKA Conference brings the experience it offers to the business world to university students with long-term educational support. MARKA Youth Conference “Youth Event ılan will be held on Friday, December 15 at Hilton Istanbul Bomonti. The event was planned for 500 people and was attended by university students at Capacity was first increased to 750 and then to 1,000.

In Don't let girls under 18 get married! 
MARKA Conference is working to develop projects that will inspire the business world with its creative approaches in the field of social responsibility. The special project, prepared in collaboration with UNICEF for the 18th anniversary of the event, aims to prevent girls under the age of 18 from getting married early and to receive education. Saying that he believes that educated girls will carry our country to a good future, Yürekli Chairman Ayşegül Yürekli Şengör explains the project as follows: içinde In MARKA 2017, we are opening a store called Dükkan 18. More than 2,000 products were designed by PSC and produced with the contribution of our brand Stepevi. All proceeds from MARKA viewers' purchases from Shop 18 will be donated to UNICEF's Söz Promise Girls ’campaign. Our new book, which presents 2016’s most prominent content in Turkish, will also be available for sale in Shop 18. ”

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