Akbank and Kolay HR take the HR management of SMEs to digital.​

Akbank and Kolay HR take the HR management of SMEs to digital.​
12 December 2017

Akbank and Kolay HR take the HR management of SMEs to digital.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Providing innovative products and practices to make the lives of SMEs easier, Akbank collaborates with Kolay HR to facilitate the human resources processes of enterprises and minimize the workload of those interested in these processes.

To digitize Akbank SMEs and to improve their business efficiency, Turkey's first cloud-based human resource management system Kolay HR businesses his collaborations with to realize that the same practice HR processes to digital moving salary payments. In this context, SMEs will be able to manage their employees' processes comfortably and securely in many subjects such as payroll, leave, education, expenditure, embezzlement and personal information. They will be able to access the information they want to learn about their employees whenever they need them from their computers, smartphones or tablets.

Thanks to Akbank Direct integration with Kolay HR, SMEs will be able to make their salary payments from Akbank accounts easily through this application. Moreover, the first 1 month can try for free and if they wish to continue at the end of this period, the companies that make their salary payments from Akbank will be able to benefit from Kolay HR for 6 months more. SMEs wishing to benefit from this application can apply at

Emphasizing that this cooperation is a part of the vision of olma being where the customer needs it ihtiy, Akbank SME Banking Executive Vice President Bülent Oğuz said, yan We strive to meet the financial needs of our SMEs as well as their non-financial needs. With the developing technology, we see that applications that will facilitate our customers' work and increase their productivity are gaining importance day by day. We also want to be with our business partners in the digital transformation of SMEs. We aim to contribute to our business by providing solutions to our SMEs in different areas. Ve

Kolay We collaborated with Kolay HR to facilitate the lives of SMEs in many HR processes such as payroll management, collective salary payments, annual leave / employee rights management, expense-cash advance management and performance management. In the current situation, small businesses do this by more traditional and manual methods and keep their knowledge in excel. Cloud-based, user-friendly applications are not in their lives because they have a high margin of error. With this fact, we met with Kolay HR, especially in our search for an HR program that small businesses can use without any investment. In order to enable our customers to make their salary payments from Akbank accounts through this application, we made an integration with Kolay HR. With this application, which enables HR processes to be managed under a single roof, our customers will increase their productivity and complete their work with fewer mistakes.

There are many operations that our customers perform while managing their business. To date, we have provided solutions to our SMEs through our partnerships in accounting and finance management, human resources. In the coming period, we will continue to create an ecosystem of practices that will facilitate the daily operations of our SMEs on other issues and make them stand out from the competition. In this way, we aim to increase the efficiency of our SMEs in line with the digital transformation ”

Kolay HR Founding Partner Caglar said the Yalu said: "Kolay Our priority since the day we were founded as HR, the company was to help the digitalisation of empowerment and in Turkey. with new cooperation with Akbank, we made the payments made to employees of companies operating in Turkey, we ensure that the completed quickly and efficiently. Every 100 employees spend 200 hours per month on human resources and personnel management processes and make an average of 40 mistakes per year. Kolay HR reduces human resource and personnel management time by up to 25%, saving 150 employees per 100 hours per month. One of these savings is that HR or accounting teams do not have to spend half a day to one day in their salary payment processes. With the integration with Akbank, companies can make one-click salary payments through Kolay HR platform.

When creating Turkey's first cloud-based human resources and personnel management platform, to replace the old ways and we want to improve HR management firms in the most quick and efficient way. Today, we see that we have reached our target. Companies will be able to pay the salaries of their employees with a single click with the Akbank application on the Kolay HR platform and benefit from the other privileges of Kolay HR. Thus, they will be able to provide added value to their companies by making all human resources and personnel management processes efficient, not only for salary payments. ”

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55