1 year in Turkey, 10,000 vehicles were modified to speed more quickly

1 year in Turkey, 10,000 vehicles were modified to speed more quickly
12 December 2017

1 year in Turkey, 10,000 vehicles were modified to speed more quickly

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The increasing number of traffic and vehicles are driving drivers to drive faster and more dynamic vehicles. Accelerator gas reaction devices are the most common methods used by those who want to improve the performance of the vehicle. More than 10,000 passenger vehicles using these devices in Turkey. The system, called the PedalBox, is a candidate not only for the roads but also for the race tracks. The Norwegian Drift Champion Øyvind Øversveen has also used the Pedalbox to reduce the accelerator pedal reaction time in racing vehicles, which improves the performance of their vehicles by up to 30%.

The TÜV-approved Pedalbox, produced by the German DTE System, optimizes the signals from the accelerator pedal and transmits them to the engine via its control. This reduces the predetermined delay times to almost zero in order to standardize during production, preventing the vehicle from being cumbersome and late to responding. While the torque remains the same, maximum efficiency is achieved for a healthy power increase and fuel economy. Especially in big cities like Istanbul where there is heavy traffic and people cannot tolerate waiting, drivers need this type of modified equipment.

Norwegian Drift Champion Øyvind Øversveen, who shared his experiences with Pedalbox, said: orum I make about 60 thousand km of road in my private life and race tracks. Someone who has come as far as me can face very different conditions and events while driving. In such cases, the vehicle and driver must be flexible. Even in a sedan, I need high performance in daily changing driving conditions. Unfortunately, these vehicles are heavy and cumbersome, transmission rates are too long. However, the PedalBox surprises each vehicle with a different character. Karakter

Pedalbox, which won the 2016 Performance Award as a result of the tests of the leading German auto magazine Auto Tuner, is also on the list of products approved by the German Modification Association.æ

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