MARKA 2017 started in Istanbul!

MARKA 2017 started in Istanbul!
13 December 2017

MARKA 2017 started in Istanbul!​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Every year, the highly anticipated MARKA Conference started. MARKA 2017, the most striking meeting of the business world, brings the motivation of 18 years to its 1,500 viewers.

Near the right way to shape the future of business in Turkey, which aims to map Conference began BRAND boots. Representatives of the business world, the idea met with Turkey's most powerful platforms. MARKA 2017, which has been organized by the leading conference organization Yürekli for 18 years with a great stability and which has been the main sponsor of Yapı Kredi World for 16 years, brings the “18 years old ından experience to the conference experience. The dynamic spirit and energy of the age of 18 comes to life in an intense and inspiring program at MARKA 2017, which was held on December 13-14 at Hilton Istanbul Bomonti.

BJ Cunningham, known as the brand philosopher for 18 years, is the moderator of MARKA 2017, which will take the stage of 62 speakers who will mark the agenda with their achievements in 42 sessions that will last 18 hours for 2 days. From artists to business leaders, from psychoanalysts to scientists, from serial entrepreneurs to writers and academics; world-renowned and pioneering speakers, 15-minute presentations fit the content they prepared specially for MARKA viewers.

Collected TL 20 million in donations for the homeless
Turkey's most striking BRAND meeting in 2017, quickly began to social entrepreneurship is a critical concept to the business world. Josh Littlejohn, who offers homeless and business opportunities with the Social Bite restaurant chain he established in Scotland, said: bin Last weekend, 9 thousand people attended the event we organized in Edinburgh. They spent the night sleeping outdoors in icy cold. We collected approximately TL 20 million for the homeless. I learned that children living on the street 40 thousand in Turkey. In Istanbul alone, there were 10,000 homeless people, 40% of whom were women. I believe that if we cooperate and join forces, we can transform the world..

Ahmet Akın, one of the important people of the advertising sector, explained the transformation of the concept of gender in his analysis prepared specially for MARKA. New trends such as being sexless, imiz We are all feminists! ’, Fluidity in sex, poisonous masculinity, being at peace with your own body; Christian Dior explained how brands such as Dove, Nike, H&M, Ax are reflected in their communication strategies.

Can not be non-universal national
Answering questions from journalist Ahu Özyurt Sabancı University Finance Chair, Economist Professor. Dr. Ozgur Demirtas, automation and artificial intelligence has come into our lives, but people said: ırsak If we are unemployed because of robots can not consume, then we do not buy. If we don't buy, brands can't live. Then the brands do not become robots ”. Demirtas, who is known as the pop star of academicians, said, dünya The future world is very different from the past. We have to accept that now. You cannot ban technology. Adapt, tango with technology, but don't be romantic. 90% of those in the league of developing countries will not develop. We're headed for a two-legged world. How many countries have reached the first division in the last 30 years? Turkey's nothing else to do, is to become South Korea. Value-added production. Those who want to sell their value-added products to the world should also be universal. It is not universal, it cannot be national. ”

Kutluğ Ataman, the most well-known contemporary artist in the international community of our country, answered journalist Balçiçek İlter's questions on MARKA stage. The story of Ataman's Palanga Fattening Farm surprised everyone. The artist who carried his studio to Erzincan said, san I thought I would earn money for my art works by selling cattle, but it didn't! Sanatçı Livestock farms in the barn, Ataman said that the need for 11 new structures, such as poultry, from Turkey and has indicated that these structures designed by famous architects from around the world. Describing that the fattening farm will turn into an architectural project farm over time, Ataman said that his new goal is to ensure that children in the surrounding villages receive education. Modernism remarkable artists we can move anywhere in Turkey, said that everyone can do something about it.

Anahtar The key to success in social media is to understand human psychology 
The first session of MARKA 2017, in which speakers from different countries and disciplines nurtured the business world in different fields, was completed with Steven Bartlett, who founded the world's largest social marketing agency Social Chain with the energy of 18 years. Lett People didn't care about the brochures I prepared to promote my first company, Bart says Bartlett. I noticed they were looking at the screens in their hands. I understood that I had to build my business life through social media. ” Lett Success in social media is called human psychology, Bart Bartlett continued. To understand this psychology in the content you create and to use emotion at dose; allows you to easily viral brands and ideas. We produce continuously with more than 160 teammates with an average age of 21 from all over the world. Today, we are the world's largest social media agency with 497 social media channels, 391 million followers and 5.2 billion videos per month. ”

You're not 18 yet!
Before the second session of MARKA 2017, Yürekli Chairman of the Board Ayşegül Yürekli Şengör made his opening speech. Yürekli Şengör, the creator of MARKA Conferences, said, en When writing the content codes of MARKA, which is ultimately classified as a business conference, we do not limit ourselves to business patterns. Thus, we can produce a special meaning and value code that triggers both the mind and the emotions. The wave effect we create every year is a very special platform that continues until the next MARKA Conference. This year, we are meeting with a MARKA Conference which proved its existence at the age of 18. 18 years is very important to us. Because being 18 is an important touchstone in our lives. We anticipate that 2018 will be a year full of opportunities for the business world. This 18-year state, 18-year head, we aim to be a driving force for all of us in the coming period. ”

Stating that the MARKA Conference draws attention to a social problem every year for a very long time, Yürekli Şengör also gave information about the responsibility project they prepared for this year. Ik We designed the in You're not yet 18 ’project to prevent girls from getting married under the age of 18 and to ensure that they continue their education. This project, in which we partner with UNICEF, is not only a fundraising movement, but also an awareness movement to be launched across the country. In the foyer area of ​​MARKA 2017, we opened a store called Shop 18. Two thousand products designed by PSC were produced with the contributions of Stepevi brand. All revenue generated from the MARKA viewers' purchases from Shop 18 will be donated to UNICEF. ”

The diva of the fashion world: lar They get that dress, not if I write it, but if Taylor Swift wears it ”
The second session of the MARKA Conference began with the analysis of the millennium belt in China. Ica Today's young people prefer to buy the dress they see on Taylor Swift on the pages of the magazine, Angel said Angelica Cheung, founder and editor of Vogue China magazine, which steered trends in the Far East. Describing that the new generation in China wants to enjoy life, the diva of the Chinese fashion world said, “No one can force them to do anything. In marketing, propositions such as değer worth the money you pay, are useless. They are dressing up to express themselves, not to impress anyone else. Cheung pointed out that the millennium belt in China is experiencing a boom in consumption, and that sales and marketing strategies that work in other countries will not work here.

Journalist Ahmet Hakan's self-made corner was one of the most interesting sections of MARKA 2017. He chose the 10 most difficult questions and gave sincere answers to all questions. The journalist replied to the question nasıl How did Nişantaşı become your soft belly?: Sonra After moving to Hürriyet, I started writing articles about cafes in Nişantaşı. Everyone I've been jousting until that day told me görme Nişantaşılı see later. ”Hak Ahmet Hakan, MARKA 2018 has already prepared the questions announced.

A striking confrontation for brands
At MARKA 2017, psychoanalyst, writer and activist Susie Orbach gave the audience a stunning confrontation. “Why should I look 30 years younger than I am? Why are some bodies not represented on fashion show podiums? In our age where physical perfection is pumped, what is the role of brand in the spread of eating disorders as young claw field and an epidemic? "Asks Orbach, leaders, saying the business world in Turkey:" You can change the society because you're much stronger now. You can bring something new to the market that will create a social transformation. Think, think, think! If this issue bothers you and the people around you, please think about it. ”

MARKA 2017 morning sessions ended with a talk about television and series. Serenay Sarıkaya and Ozan Güven, who gave life to the main characters of the psychological tension series adapted from the writers Azra Kohen's Fi, Çi, Pi and Ateş İnce, the Sales Group President of Doğuş Publishing Group, took part in the MARKA stage. Celebrating the success of Puhu TV, which reached approximately 9 million viewers per month, the trio said that a new space was opened for Turkish serials and that the instant information provided by the internet started a new era for the advertising sector.


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