Kuruyemiş ve kuru meyve üretiminde dünyanın önde gelen ülkelerinden biri olan Türkiye, yeni yıla hazırlanıyor!

Kuruyemiş ve kuru meyve üretiminde dünyanın önde gelen ülkelerinden biri olan Türkiye, yeni yıla hazırlanıyor!
17 December 2018

Nuts and dried fruits production in one of the world's leading economies, Turkey is preparing for a new year!

Turkey, in nuts and dried fruit production is among the few countries in the world. Consumption of mixed nuts, popcorn and sunflower seeds throughout the year is expected to increase consumption in our country in New Year's week.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey born and nuts to 40 countries and dried fruit exports Peyman, before Christmas of nuts for sale is the most intense, International Nut and Dried Fruit Council (IDC - International Nut & Dried Fruit Council) annual production and evaluated consumption data. A number of dry fruit producers received a 19% share of the world total production of Turkey, while the US share of 10% followed by the production of nuts Ranks 2.

Which country, what kind of nuts?

According to the compilation of Peyman, who shared the points of interest in the dried fruits and dried fruits consumption of countries in the days before the beginning of the year, almonds were mostly consumed by Tunisians and Spaniards in the world; nuts, Italian and Swiss indispensable. The most preferred ones are Israelis and Iranians, while peanuts are the top priority for the Chinese and the US. In the case of raisins, the Dutch follow the Dutch.

The Turks consume mostly mixed nuts, popcorn and sunflower seeds Turk.

Peyman Marketing Manager Ali Burak Aygül shared his opinions about the consumption of dried fruits and dried fruits in the new year. With the approach of the new year, we expect an increase in dried fruits and dried fruits. Especially popcorn, mixed nuts and sunflower seeds are the most consumed products. In addition, there is a significant increase in the consumption of raw dried fruit which gives high energy due to winter. As Peyman Family, we will meet the expectations of our consumers in the new year with Çitliyo Kara Şimşek, Nutzz popcorn, Peyman Mixed Nuts series and the family of healthy raw products from the Garden.

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About Peyman 

Reaching out to consumers with a wide range of products including nuts and dried fruits, Peyman is among the strongest brands in the sector. With its innovative approach, Peyman products which analyze the demands of consumers and search for new flavors correctly; From the garden, collects under the brands of Çitliyo, Dorleo, and Nutzz, the Dorleo brand is also located abroad. Peyman reaches the flavor lovers in the world by exporting to nearly 40 countries in a wide market ranging from America to Russia and from Middle East to Australia. Peyman, which closed the year 2017 with 30% growth and TL 560 million turnover, opened its new factory in Eskişehir in an area of ​​50.000 m2 in the first half of 2018 in order to meet domestic and international demands in high standards. Peyman at the level of national and international food standards; Leed Certified has the BRC (British Retail Consortium), FDA, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001 and Halal Food certificates.