First day of MARKA 2017 completed​

First day of MARKA 2017 completed​
13 December 2017

First day of MARKA 2017 completed​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The MARKA Conference, which started fast with the energy of the age of 18, hosted 1,500 people on the first day of 31 speakers.

The first day of the MARKA Conference, which the business world eagerly awaits, has been completed. The event was held at Hilton İstanbul Bomonti and was attended by 1,500 people. MARKA 2017, which has been organized by the leading conference organization Yürekli for 18 years by raising its graph with great stability and which has been the main sponsor of Yapı Kredi World for 16 years, brings the motivation of 18 years, one of the most important turning points of life, to the conference experience.

“Design can make the world a better place”
Turkey's most powerful brand in the first day of 2017'n platform of ideas, the afternoon session began with the bill. Deyan Sudjic, Director of the London Design Museum, explained the role of technology in designing designs that adapt to technology and the future. Saying that design is one of the ways to make the world a better place, Sudjic began his presentation with the words of Buckminster Fuller, yolu The way to predict the future is to design the future geçer. Sudjic, who gave examples from different products and brands, said: Steve Steve Jobs is one of the designers who designed the future. Years ago, a three-in-one product, he said, will sell 1.1 billion units so far. I keep my father's typewriter in my house, and I can't imagine leaving a smartphone for my own child. There is also a typewriter at the London Design Museum. One of my young teammates describes the typewriter as laptop the laptop we can print as we type! ”

MARKA 2017 was the scene of a session that turned the attention of the business world into art. Artist Ali Kazma and Chairman of SAHA Contemporary Life Support Initiative Füsun Eczacıbaşı brought art to the agenda as one of the important dynamics of social development. Eczacıbaşı scope of the organization said they met with the artist in the process, "Understand that we are not consumed by the art in Turkey, there is a problem with the production. So we decided to take part in the kitchen of art. We transfer the resources we collect from our members to artists and independent art initiatives. ” Inviting the business world to support the production of art, Eczacıbaşı added, olun Be on the side where art is not hanged on the wall, but on the side where it flourishes ”.

Our fuel must be love 
Erden Timur, who is the Chief Executive Officer of NEF, has achieved success in a short time and focuses on creating value. Erden Timur, in his speech on the MARKA stage, sought the answer to the question m Are we really free?.. Timur said, üzere I set out to set up a social company at the age of 28. I wanted to do a job that would give everything back. We became the market leader in 4 years. Business was once money-oriented. Then success-oriented fuel was used. Not both! If you put the fuel of love, the car is flying. Whatever we do, our fuel must be love. ”

Brands tell
Hürriyet's Executive Board Member Zeynep Tandoğan hosted the section, explaining the strength of brand partnership projects. Karaca Executive Committee Member and Group Marketing Director Galip Bağcı gave information about the Gospel Gastronomy Guide they have created in cooperation with Hürriyet. İpek Ersavaş, Partner Marketing Manager of Procter & Gamble, shared the excitement of the 44th Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards which was held 3 days ago and which is the trend topic in the world.

Bayer Consumer Health Country Manager Taygun Günay made a presentation about the works focused on consumers and their needs in order to adapt their long-established brands to the present day.

Tuba Ünsal's dream of olu Madonna with Fur Coat 
In the third session of MARKA 2017, Tuba Ünsal, İlkay Gürpınar and Nisan Göknel, who adapted Sabahattin Ali's unique onna Madonna with Fur Coat ya to the theater without disturbing its nature, took the stage. They talked about the power of interpreting a theater play as a fresh brand and interpreting it with a contemporary and innovative approach. Tuba Ünsal explained that they presented the project file to the World Theater Festival in Edinburgh for the launch of the play and said that the brands do not show much interest in theater plays. At the end of the conversation, MARKA audience listened to Sezen Aksu's composition for the first time.

Turkey's most striking ideas platform BRAND 2017'n the last session of the first day, the creator of the world's most renowned brands in the restaurant industry began with Alan Yau. Yau, who has accomplished successful concepts such as Wagamama, Hakkasan, Yamabahçe, Park Chinois, Ling Ling, listed the sine qua non of the restaurant sector as follows: “You should create a good ambience and create a beautiful ambiance. I used Keizen's philosophy a lot. You must constantly improve your business. Moreover, you must be dynamic and agile! Build quickly, live and recover quickly if you fail. Çeken Noting the importance of economies of scale in the food and beverage sector, Yau said that the sector should also capture technology. Yau also gave information about the technology investment called Soft Shell and said that they are trying to create a reliable recommendation platform. Yau also mentioned the restaurant concept called Yamabahçe, and I believe that Turkish pide, like Neapolitan pizza, can be included in UNESCO's Ortak Common Heritage of Humanity ”list.

Muse & Galakticos Founder Serdar Ekrem Şirin talked about the developments and trends in the rapidly rising and expanding game industry. Stating that e-Sports is the trend for the last 7 years, Şirin said that those who love and follow e-sports around the world are expected to approach 500 million in 2020. The number of e-sports enthusiasts in Turkey has reached 4.2 million.

Sarah Miller, one of the most important names in the international media, explained the importance of story writing in the travel-hotel-restaurant sector for today's consumers with examples not heard before. Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri'nin "Now we should invest in products, not the brand," reminding Miller, "young people's expectations are very different. They are not looking at how much money they spend, but how valuable the brand is. Because they can access good products at affordable prices. He's shopping online and off. The stores should no longer be a warehouse but become a field of activity and tell a story. ”

How was the world's most prestigious social club established?
The first day program of MARKA 2017 was completed with the subject of Soho House. Answering questions from journalist Çağdaş Ertuna, Soho House Founder and Director Nick Jones told the success story of the concept that brought a new definition to today's social needs. Jones also commented on Soho House in Istanbul: orum I love Istanbul. I was very impressed every time I came here. On one occasion, Serdar Bilgili showed me the building in Şişhane, which was previously used by the US Consulate General. I love it! We started very quickly, but then Istanbul entered an unlucky period. Yeah, we stumbled a little, but we'il get it together. We're not afraid to fail. If you focus on success alone, you cannot make new investments. In the near future we will open 8 new Soho Houses around the world. ”

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