Brand ran the record on the second day of 2017

Brand ran the record on the second day of 2017
14 December 2017

Brand ran the record on the second day of 2017​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The morning sessions on the 2nd day of the MARKA Conference attracted great attention with its rich content. In MARKA 2017, where people who watch the sessions are standing up, goodness, hope and love are discussed; From fashion to retail, digitalization and artificial intelligence have been on the agenda. The closing of the morning sessions, the famous comedian Cem Yılmaz, who shared his views on branding.

Turkey's most powerful platform of ideas on the second day the program started BRAND Conference. Hilton Istanbul Bomonti'de event was followed by nearly 2 thousand people. MARKA 2017, which has been organized by the leading conference organization Yürekli for 18 years by raising its graph with great stability and which has been the main sponsor of Yapı Kredi World for 16 years, brings the motivation of 18 years, one of the most important turning points of life, to the conference experience.

“Companies can benefit society without sacrificing profit”
BRAND 2017'n in the first session of the second day, the company brings together the goodness of our mission in a B Corp founder Marcello Palazzi Turkey and the European leader and CEO S360 Kerem read it, shared the same stage. B Corp’s executives, who have been shown as one of the most important economic movements of the last 20 years with the global sustainability initiative, have pointed out that companies can benefit the society without sacrificing profit. They stated that the paradigm change that the private sector, which produces 80% of the income in the world, will make in favor of sustainability, can carry the world to many different points.

Artificial intelligence project to produce video from text will be the first in the world
Founder and CEO of Smart Moderation, which makes social media moderation smart and automatic, Çiler Ay talked with the first customer of Onedio CEO Kağan Kayabalı about the future of artificial intelligence and content marketing. Kayabal, "Onedio, one of Turkey's largest content platform. We interact with 5 million people a day. Thousands of comments are pouring into our site every day, and we can't manage them manually. ” Saying that video content is increasing rapidly in all communication channels, Kayabal announced that they are working on an artificial intelligence project that produces video from text together with Middle East Technical University and this is a first in the world. Çiler Ay pointed out that in 2020, 85% of the total customer interaction is expected to be done by bots.

Turkey General Manager of L'Oréal Claude Rumpler, life spent in projects in order to contribute to the society of the brand, as told to prepare animated video. While driving, Rumpler chatted with different people in contact with L’Oréal projects, followed the MARKA stage and gave information about women's view of beauty. General Manager, "we want to define the beauty of a thousand women in Turkey, talks about the fact that 900 beautiful hair. Chinese women respond to the same question as smooth skin. ”

Neuro Health Center for Brain Research Kerem Dündar took the stage with Şule Yücebıyık, Corporate Communications Director of Borusan Group, where she worked for the Sevgi Dilde Başlar project. Yücebıyık shared information about his projects aiming to raise awareness about the contribution of using and spreading the language of love to life. Dr. Dündar said, için For the transformation of the human brain, a collective effort is required. The brain doesn't turn right away, but you'll finally succeed. Give hope to people with your language and communication. ”

With its imece project, Zorlu offers a platform that provides solutions to problems.
BRAND 2017 examples from the business world in Turkey continued with a project. Atelier Kerem Alper, Co-founder of ATÖLYE, Emre Zorlu, Board Member of Zorlu Holding and Aslı Alemdaroğlu, General Manager of Corporate Communications, spoke at the department and answered the question miy Can we revive the spirit of İmece and turn it into a culture that the business world will adopt? ”. Emre Zorlu said, “İmece is not a traditional corporate social responsibility project. As a businessman, I use the imece project as a tool to solve big problems. Social and human problems are intertwined with the problems of the business world. I think that imece offers a very important platform for solving these problems. We act as bridges between institutions and individuals. Our door is open to everyone..

Flexi Foodie Academy Founder Julie Montagu, one of the most important leaders in the field of healthy living, recognizes the mission of “healthy body healthy soul ruh in a very challenging period of her life and develops it as a formula for being formül good boyunca in all circumstances throughout life. Montagu, a yoga instructor and health guru who has a strong audience, shared her experiences and gave MARKA viewers two yoga exercises.

The first session on the second day of MARKA 2017 ended with the presentation of Gam Life loves the brave ”by the entrepreneur, Founder Partner and CEO of Bigchefs, Gamze Cizreli. Describing his own entrepreneurial journey in a sincere way, Cizreli said, bir A brand in which you do not add your feelings cannot be successful başarılı. Cizreli said that behind the success of Bigchefs brand was being glocal and walking with his comrades who believe in him, he shared his plans for the recent period: ız We will wave our brand in wider geographies. And when the time comes, I will begin to serve civil society by handing over my seat to one of my companions. I think every entrepreneur should do this ”

“We chose the best”
Acibadem Maslak Hospital, Deputy Chief Physician, performed at the second session of MARKA 2017. Özlem Cankurtaran has given MARKA viewers full of emotions with her inspiring life story, which spans from her and her husband's illness to Çaba Association, which produces projects for rehabilitation of street children. Answering the questions of journalist Balçiçek İlter Cankurtaran, a doctor's eyes to be sick, and then what it means to be a relative of the patient shared. Im I didn't choose to be a warrior, but you can still manage what happens to you in life. Good things happen in life, bad things ... Which one depends on you. We chose the best. ” The Cankurtaran MARKA audience applauded for a long time.

Alexey Moiseenkov, the founder and CEO of Prisma Labs, who has set his sights on artificial intelligence, gave information about the PRISMA application, which quickly seized the social media world with the ability to adapt photographs to completely different styles and designs. Yıl More than 100 million people download our app every year. We have never paid any advertising to date. We are the fastest growing organically. We owe it to artificial intelligence, Mo said Moiseenkov, US investment in artificial intelligence is expected to reach $ 60 billion. Moiseenkov, the business world in Turkey "artificial intelligence applied anywhere where you can find an opportunity for your company," she said.

The transformation of the 80-year-old Atasay brand was launched on the MARKA stage. Answering questions from Burcu Esmersoy, Atasay Kamer, the young CEO of Atasay, explained the reasons behind the transformation as follows: ’We have 2 stores in Dubai Mall, the biggest shopping mall in the world, and we wanted to open the 3rd. We talked to the shopping center management. They told us, iniz You are very good but you are very traditional. ’ We eat this slap then we started to work back in Turkey. We did not revolution, but we transformed values ​​from our roots. After that you will see a younger and more dynamic Atasay. ” MARKA audiences, who watched Atasay's new commercial for the first time, supported the brand with applause.

“I think the digital age democratizes fashion”
Design writer Emily King interviewed famous fashion designer Hüseyin Çağlayan, the creator of the Chalayan brand. Çağlayan said, orum I think the digital age democratizes fashion. The consumption of fashion has also been digitized. I see the change and am excited. ” Çağlayan, who heralded that the new ones would come after her first store and that they will be present in multi-storey stores with the içinde in-store ’approach, said, orum I am preparing 8 collections per year. It's really bad for a designer to create so many collections. If only I had prepared a ready-to-wear collection, and a special haute couture collection ... Maybe soon people will design their own clothes and we will present the content. Maybe they will print their own clothes. ”

On the second day of MARKA 2017, the morning sessions ended with the interview of the famous comedian, actor and filmmaker Cem Yılmaz, gazeteci Cinema Love and Yeşilçam as a Common Value alan with journalist Mirgün Cabas. Cem Yılmaz made evaluations about being a brand and said, kadar As much as doing business with love, mutual love is also important. While brands become human, people are trying to brand. We are at a time when we need to question what is written in communication and brand books. Steve Jobs made all his launches in blue jean, nobody asked him why he didn't wear a tie. I think sincerity is important. Can you wink at the consumer? I think that's what's important.. The commercial for Arçelik, starring Cem Yılmaz, was also screened for the first time at MARKA 2017.

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