7.9 million vehicles without compulsory traffic insurance!

7.9 million vehicles without compulsory traffic insurance!
19 December 2017

7.9 million vehicles without compulsory traffic insurance!

While the number of vehicles in traffic exceeds 22 million, the number of compulsory traffic insured vehicles is 14.1 million and the number of insured vehicles is 4.4 million. Compared to last year, the number of uninsured vehicles increased by 1.6 million!

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Although the number of vehicles increased with each passing day, the number of traffic insurers is decreasing. According to TURKSTAT data, the number of vehicles, which was 21 million in November 2016, exceeded 22 million in the same period of 2017, but the number of vehicles with traffic insurance decreased from 14.8 million to 14.1 million. The number of uninsured vehicles reached 7.9 million. This means that 35% of vehicles travel in traffic without insurance. The decrease in the insurance rate was mostly seen in cars, buses and light trucks.

Due to uninsured vehicles, the state was paid 256 million pounds.

’The rise in traffic insurance prices in recent years has increased the number of uninsured vehicles, Brad said Bradley Du Chenne, Country Manager of Koalay, the online insurance sales platform. With the recent motor vehicle tax (MTV) increase, the number of vehicles without traffic insurance increased by 1.6 million year-on-year to 7.9 million in total. On the other hand, only 22% of the vehicles in traffic have automobile insurance. Considering that 84% of accidents resulting in property damage in Turkey, hit the road without insurance and automobile traffic, it can have serious financial consequences. For example, in the case of accidents involving uninsured vehicles, 256 million TL was paid this year from the Assurance Account established by the state in order to ensure that the injured persons are not deprived of insurance and their body damages. This payment is insured if the vehicle owner without insurance is found to be defective. ”

Automobiles make up 37% of uninsured vehicles.
Turkey Insurance Association (TSB) According to the data, 7.9 million of the 2.9 million uninsured vehicle, ie 37%, 15%, while the body of uninsured vehicles belonging to car group, accounted for 14% of the tractors. The most common group of uninsured vehicles is trucks; 522 thousand out of 833 thousand trucks, 63% of them uninsured. Likewise, the uninsurance rate of buses is close to 42%, while the uninsurance rate of minibuses is 39%.

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