Norm Holding is starting its digital transformation journey with itelligence!Norm Holding is starting its digital transformation journey with itelligence!

Norm Holding is starting its digital transformation journey with itelligence!Norm Holding is starting its digital transformation journey with itelligence!
26 December 2017

Norm Holding is starting its digital transformation journey with itelligence!

Fasteners innovative approaches and leader of Turkey with its experienced product development infrastructure implemented in production, located between Europe's top five manufacturers, production of the last 10 years, four times the issuing Norman Holding, has selected itelligence as a strategic partner in the digital transformation journey.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Norm Holding, which has been operating in many fields and sectors from furniture to construction and machinery, including automotive and white goods for 44 years, will manage all business processes and 9 separate production facilities from one center by simplifying its IT infrastructure with end-to-end SAP solutions offered by itelligence. The project, which is scheduled to end in January 2019, will enable SAP's latest solutions to be implemented in the company's digital transformation process, simplifying business processes and achieving significant productivity gains.

Norm Holding CEO Kamil Başaran said, yapan We have always been a leading company in the fastener sector since the day we were founded. Among the customers we serve are important brands of the automotive sector such as Ford, Volkswagen Group, AUDI, Porsche, Tesla, Jaguar, Land Rover, Fiat, Renault, Toyota, Volvo, Scania and PSA. Especially as a global player producing original equipment, we care about this project. In this journey in which we adopt a flawless supply chain management approach, we will create the integrated platform that we target in our production and sales companies in Salihli, İzmir, Germany and France with SAP IBP. Our internal customers, which are as valuable as our external customers, that is, our employees, will adopt the essential changes in the way they do business using the digital human resources platform F SuccessFactors olarak as part of the integrated system. We included not only office workers but also our colleagues. We could not ignore the human factor, the most important element of the institutionalization and restructuring process, in the process of digitalization. More than 2000 employees will experience processes such as performance management, training and recruitment in digital and cloud environments. In order to maintain our leadership in competition and to support our strategic decisions with a strong infrastructure, we see that digital transformation is inevitable. We will construct SAP projects together with our employees to transform all processes in the strategy map that will build Norm Holding's future.
We are pleased to realize this transformation with itelligence, one of SAP's largest and professional solution partners. ”

itelligence Turkey CEO Dr. Abdülbahri Danış said, “As in the rest of the world, our country is investing heavily in technology. The concepts such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence are the elements that shape our lives and business processes. In this sense, digital transformation is an important step to realize the future visions of all companies. We are very proud and proud to be a solution partner in a project that will shape the future of Norm Holding, the production and export leader of the sector, with its sales to 30 countries. ”

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