Yerli ve milli Sestek, dünya müşteri memnuniyeti sıralamasında en yüksek puanı aldı!

Yerli ve milli Sestek, dünya müşteri memnuniyeti sıralamasında en yüksek puanı aldı!
19 December 2018

Domestic and national Sestek has received the highest score in the world customer satisfaction ranking!

Sestek achieved the highest score in eight out of 10 categories with Speech Analysis, according to the customer satisfaction survey conducted by the world's leading research and consulting company DMG Consulting in the field of call centers.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - DMG Consulting, the world's leading independent research and consulting company in the field of call centers, is the DM 2018-2019 Speech Analysis Product and Market Report leri (2018-1919 Speech Analytics Product and Market Report. This year's 13th report included customer satisfaction surveys conducted in 10 main categories related to the products of companies that offer en speech analysis Bu technology. In the field of nature and sound technologies from Turkey, which has become one of the world's leading companies Sestek, customer satisfaction survey results according to 10 categories of 8 In the first place, while seven categories, leaving behind their opponents were able to receive full points.

"Customer satisfaction is the key to success."

Sestek Speech Analysis, which converts all phone calls recorded in call centers into emot speech-to-text oloj technology first, and then analyzes customer agent interactions with emotion detection technology; It allows real-time search based on countless parameters such as word group, customer gender, interrupt rates.

Sestek CEO evaluating the results of customer satisfaction research. Dr. Levent Arslan said: memnuniyet Our products and services are based on our search for maximum customer satisfaction. As Sestek team, we customize our product by constantly communicating with them in order to fully understand the needs of our customers and to ensure that they are able to make the most of the iyi Speech Analysis S. Thanks to the data mining methods we use in our Speech Analysis product, we help improve customer satisfaction and customer representative performance. We know that customer satisfaction is the key to success. The fact that we received excellent scores from our customers in DMG's research proves that we can meet their expectations.

Sharing his views on the results of the report, DMG Consulting's Donna Fluss said, etkileşim Speech Analysis is always an interesting product for its unmatched contribution in interpreting sound interactions in call centers. Companies that invest in this software, which offer great benefits to technology providers and users, can achieve significant benefits.

"You can download the specially prepared version of the 2018-2019 Speech Analysis Product and Market Report for Sestek from the Sestek website."

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