An extraordinary gift for Valentine's Day!

An extraordinary gift for Valentine's Day!
03 January 2018

An extraordinary gift for Valentine's Day!

According to research, the choice of women for marriage or long-term relationships bearded men!​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - For beard, için fashion "was" not long, geçer but the number of bearded men we see around us is increasing day by day. 55% of adults in the world of men, while men prefer beard in Turkey about 25%. Research shows that women find bearded men more attractive. A study conducted by the University of Queensland in Australia reveals that women mostly prefer bearded men. According to the survey, 8,500 women participated; women find bearded men more mature and serious than beardless. As the beard length increases, men are thought to be more attractive, wiser and capable of parenting. For this reason, women prefer bearded men for marriage or long-term relationships.

Beard Father's special gift set for Valentine's Day

The Beard Father brand brought together the products related to the healthy care of the beard, which became the passion of women and men, in a gift set specially prepared for Valentine's Day. Premium Beard Grooming Kit in a special design box; soap, shampoo, care oil and styling wax. Sakal Baba's Valentine's Day premium care set is offered for sale at

Premium Beard Care Kit by Beard Father

Beard care oil: With the effect of argan and almond oil, it nourishes the beard. Moisturizes, strengthens & revitalizes beard and neglected skin under beard It prevents dandruff problems and acne formation.

Beard soap: 100% natural. Provides hygiene. Moisturizes and relaxes the beard. It meets the moisture requirement of the skin and maintains the oil balance in oily skin. It does not contain paraben, silicone, SLS, artificial coloring, harmful chemicals.

Beard shampoo: Cleans your beards and neglected skin with a low foaming structure. Removes bad odor and dirt. Thanks to the aloe vera and natural oils, it moisturizes your beard and makes it easier to comb.

Beard and mustache styling wax: It nourishes and strengthens your beard and mustache thanks to its 100% natural oils. It allows you to give your beard and mustache the shape you want.

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