Ersa invites everyone to the Land of Dreams ’in 2018

Ersa invites everyone to the Land of Dreams ’in 2018
04 January 2018

Ersa invites everyone to the Land of Dreams ’in 2018

Ersa, the notebook and calendar project that gives life to stories every year; This year, she continues with the inspiring story of Pan Peter Pan and Wendy ardından, followed by “The Little Prince”, değerli Alice in Wonderland ”and lock Sherlock Holmes.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The book contains excerpts from the original work of Peter Pan and Wendy, written by Scottish writer James Matthew Barrie, and from the Turkish edition translated by Nihal Yeğinobalı for Can Çoçuk Publications, along with unique character drawings from 12 different illustrators. The 2018 calendar with the concept of Pan Peter Pan and Wendy eşlik is accompanied by the book, which meets with the user as of the new year.

Pan Peter Pan and Wendy ın, which has been launched since 2012 under the umbrella of Box in a Box Idea project, which brings together a wide range of amateur and professional artists ranging from architecture to industrial design and fashion, from graphic design to photography and music. is offered for sale at

About Pan Peter Pan and Wendy

Peter Pan, a fairy-tale hero, was created by Scottish writer James Matthew Barrie. The character of Peter Pan was inspired by the story of his brother David, who died in a skating accident the day before his 14th birthday. In the minds of Barrie and his mother, David was actually a "non-growing" boy. That's where it all started…

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About Ersa:
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