“Okulu eve taşımayın!”

“Okulu eve taşımayın!”
20 December 2018

“Don't carry the school home!“
As the New Year holiday and the semester are approaching, the question çok Is the key to success more homework? Estr is on the agenda again. Experts point out that the time allocated to homework is not successful, as well as causing family stress.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), according to data released by, students in Turkey average 25.9 hours per week, while in Finland, Germany spends 25.5 hours and 24.2 hours in school. Although there are no big differences in terms of time at school, there are serious differences in terms of time allocated to homework and courses outside the school. Dr. Eda Balkhash Erdogan, "OECD average of 17.1 hours of homework and allocating to a student outside of school learning courses covering than the average, this figure is 24.5 hours in Turkey, 11 in Germany, in the 11.9 hours Finland Emerges. On the other hand, 1 hour of the time allocated to learning outside school or school corresponds to 8.3 mathematics scores in the PISA test. 13.8 points in Germany and 14.2 points in Finland. This situation brings about discussions about the effect of time allocated to school and homework assignments.

"Homework is declining success grows, moreover assignments are given to the parents"

International Mathematics and Science Trends Survey (TIMSS) results in 3 hours and more homework that the students 'average performance score of 466 was 45 minutes less than the time separating the students' average achievement points 487 that stands out for the math course in Turkey are examined. Professor of mathematics or natural sciences do not increase the mathematics achievement of students spending much time, he said. Dr. Eda Balkaş Erdoğan said, çocukları When this is the case, it is necessary not to overwhelm the children more. Most of the homework doesn't have creativity, it turns into a task to be done completely. What's even more serious is that families do homework enc It's like the assignments are not given to the students, but to the parents Daha. Erdoğan, who said that the homework did harm the communication within the family, continues: He is also referring his parent to the work he cannot afford. Parents become teachers because of homework.

Solution, "Homework Time" in formula

Since 2014, the homework has been gradually reduced by MEB. Dr. Eda Balkaş Erdoğan, "Research in our country, shows that the information learned in school is more effective than homework," he said. One of the leading researchers in the field of education, Duke University Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Harris Cooper's oldukça The effect of homework is very limited in the success of the 6th and 6th grades, ı reminding Erdoğan. This formula, calculated by multiplying the student's class by 10, is a method of calculating homework time accepted in Europe and America. For example, for the 4th grade student, 40 minutes per day and 5 minutes for 50 minutes homework time is sufficient. For years we've been warned not to move your business home. If we're aiming for a genuinely educated generation, children shouldn't be carrying school back home.

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