Digital conversion in the capital of textile gear has increased!

Digital conversion in the capital of textile gear has increased!
22 January 2018

Digital conversion in the capital of textile gear has increased!

Bursa-based Savcan Textile Group embarked on a digital transformation journey with itelligence.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Savcan Textile Group, which has been operating in the textile capital and garment sectors since 1950, completed its digital transformation journey with the itelligence partnership of SAP, the world's leading software in business intelligence.

With the SAP project, the production units such as weaving, dyeing-printing, apparel, and customer relations, finance-accounting and quality management functions of the group producing an average of 2 million meters of fabric and 600 thousand garments per month were integrated into each other and made manageable end-to-end. As a result of the project, which was put into practice in a short period of one year, managers were provided with easy access to qualified information, and decision-making and business processes were simplified and accelerated and comprehensive performance management was targeted.

Ayfer Doğru, Information Systems Manager of Savcan Textile Group, said: çok In the last 25 years, a lot has changed in our lives. In contrast to the past, the first condition of being successful and pioneering in the business world, where there is tough competition, is to adapt rapidly to changing conditions. With this approach, we have taken action to integrate all the platforms we have in the fields of weaving, printing and apparel to spread digital transformation to all our processes. We are very happy that we have embarked on this journey with an expert institution such as itelligence. ”

Head of Project Management Office, Davut Özdemir said “Digitalization is an inevitable part of our daily and business life. It is almost impossible to imagine a sector or business process that is not affected by digitalization. We feel the different effects of digitalization in all sectors from agriculture to sports, from automotive to energy, from finance to retail. One of the fastest digitalizing sectors is automotive. Textile is closing the gap quickly. In this sense, we are very happy to accompany the digital transformation journey of Savcan Textile Group, one of the most important players in the textile sector of Bursa, which hosts both sectors. Our experience and our expertise in Industry 4.0 for the textile industry, we have applied for 60 years in Turkey and Europe with 900 employees in the prosecutor's Textile business processes operating in several points. Thus, the company can now be managed from a single point with a simple and effective system. ”

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