SMEs e-commerce operation will accelerate!

SMEs e-commerce operation will accelerate!
23 January 2018

SMEs e-commerce operation will accelerate!

IdeaSoft and Paraşüt signed a cooperation in which SMEs can easily account for e-commerce sales.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey's leading e-commerce infrastructure provider preliminary accounting program with ıdeasoft Parachute, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have signed a cooperation to accelerate their e-commerce operations. Thanks to the integration realized within this scope, SMEs who want to sell their products via internet through e-commerce investment; perform site-building and pre-accounting management operations through a single platform. In this way, all orders, as well as customer, product and invoice information, will be transferred to the Parachute account automatically while e-commerce sales will be more easily accounted.

IdeaSoft Founding Partner Seyhan Özkara, "the inception digitization of SMEs since and is committed to the development, this means supporting the growth of SMEs, the locomotive of Turkey's economy we spend so many different innovative work to life. Today, we have brought a breath of fresh air to Paraşüt to facilitate their work, increase their sales and provide added value. In e-commerce processes, ‘accounting management’ is one of the most important issues that will make life easier for SMEs… In this sense, with our partnership with Paraşüt; We enable SMEs to easily manage all their processes such as billing, e-invoice or e-archive of e-commerce sales with a single click. This enables faster work and process management with less time and effort. Until now, we have made many business partnerships in order to provide an integrated service to our customers. After that, such valuable cooperation will continue. ”

Parachute Founding Partner Sean Yun is the "e-commerce sector is growing rapidly in Turkey. The number of SMEs who set up their own web site and step into e-commerce is increasing day by day. In this context, the operational needs of SMEs, which rapidly grow their business, are among the top priorities. Our cooperation will also provide solutions to these needs and will make it easier for the e-commerce sector's business management and follow-up in the field of pre-accounting. Parachute is no longer just a pre-accounting program, but is also on the way to becoming a platform where a business owner can perform both financial transactions and manage all business processes. We have come one step closer to this goal with our integration with IdeaSoft, which has been serving the e-commerce software industry for more than 10 years. We evaluated the demands and the different collaborations and gave priority to those who would affect the widest audience and included them in our development process. In line with this plan, we are working hard to bring our users many innovations in 2018 ”.

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