Luta Table System where Simplicity and Functionality Combine

Luta Table System where Simplicity and Functionality Combine
11 February 2018

Luta Table System where Simplicity and Functionality Combine

Developing original furniture solutions for working spaces and living spaces with its innovative designs and high quality production mentality, Ersa emphasizes simplicity in materials and design with Luta, one of the latest table systems. proposes a functional use for operational, administrative and collaborative workspaces.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Developed by Ersa R&D + Design Team for workplaces, Luta reflects an environmentally conscious design concept with its simplicity in material usage and fine structure. Luta stands out with its thin table top and triangular profile leg structure specially developed for the table. Adding dynamism to the space in which it is used with its changing appearance when viewed from different angles, Luta's feet are supported with special molded shoes adjustable in height. In addition to single desk systems, Luta can bring together multiple users in a single structure in the common work areas as double, quadruple or six work stations. The workstations can be separated from each other by fabric-covered divider panels designed with the simple structure of the design in mind. Thanks to its structure that allows the use of an integrated shelf and pedestal, it can meet the storage needs of its users. Another characteristic feature of Luta is the cable cover attached to the table top and the middle pillar which allows the cables to reach the power source without being seen. Luta, which can be evaluated in different areas of the working places, is also included in the working places with a meeting table alternative.

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