Sestek Becomes R & D Center

Sestek Becomes R & D Center
13 February 2018

Sestek Becomes R & D Center​

Sestek sound technology leader in the market in Turkey, started to operate as a R & D center.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Sestek's Istanbul Office, operating in the fields of voice technologies, artificial intelligence and customer service automation, was registered as an R & D center by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in January.

Sestek Chairman of the Board Dr. Levent Arslan, "Sestek is today a leading position in the market in Turkey sound technolgies and shows only domestic operations as a national software company. The projects and R & D activities we have undertaken have a great role in this leadership. In this sense, we have been working with great devotion for 18 years. Our Istanbul office; now with 36 R & D employees, 18 TUBITAK-funded projects, 5 of which are currently underway, were implemented and more than 10 patents were granted. It is now officially registered as an R & D center. ”

Underlining that Sestek aims to develop R & D culture and carry it further, Arslan said, uz We attach great importance to the sector and academy collaborations. We cooperate with Boğaziçi University and Bilkent University. In addition, we plan to increase the budget allocated to R & D in line with our turnover as of next year.

Stating that they aim to improve human-machine interaction with artificial intelligence based sound technologies, Arslan said that R & D projects and patent applications will continue increasingly in this direction. He also underlined that R & D personnel developed an incentive reward system in order to take a more active role in this process and underlined that they are open to cooperation in R & D.

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