What to Consider When Driving on Snowy and Slippery Roads

What to Consider When Driving on Snowy and Slippery Roads
13 February 2018

What to Consider When Driving on Snowy and Slippery Roads

When driving on snowy and slippery roads, the right tires and the choice of tires ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - With the effect of winter, unconscious driving leads to traffic problems and accidents. According to the Traffic Statistics Bulletin published by the Traffic Education and Research Department of the General Directorate of Security; In 2017, a total of 410,367 accidents occurred, 75.209 of these accidents, while adjusting the vehicle speed; It is due to failure to comply with the requirements of road, air and traffic. The drivers endanger the safety of both themselves and the passengers inside the vehicle by speeding on snowy and slippery roads or failing to take the necessary precautions for their vehicles. An online insurance sales platform,, which prepared a study in this direction, compiled the precautions that the drivers who will drive on snowy and slippery roads in winter based on insurance and accident statistics. Drivers should pay attention to the following:

Tire Selection Saves Life
A safe ride on snowy and slippery roads is driven by drivers' winter tires. Winter tires reduce braking distance and prevent the vehicle from slipping and skidding. This way, a vehicle in motion is prevented from sliding off the road. Drivers need to check their tires every day, and it's important to inflate because of the increased lubricity of tires that have been inflated. Tires with a tread depth of less than 3 mm must be replaced and new tires installed.

Safe Engine Maintenance Before A Journey
Engine maintenance increases its importance in winter. An engine that does not run well may not start at all in winter. For this reason, it is useful to have engine maintenance done regularly. It is also necessary to check and change the engine oil and oil filter, especially in winter.

Battery and Fuel Check
The fuel and battery status must be checked before departure. A bottle of anti-icing additive may be added to the vehicle tank to prevent freezing of residual moisture in the fuel system. More than half the fuel tank is full to prevent freezing pipes.

Soft Driving Prevents Accidents
In order to drive safely on slippery and snowy roads, drivers need to follow the smooth driving rules. In short; acceleration, braking and steering are more gentle than ever, avoiding harsh movements is vital for safe driving.

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