Artificial intelligence support from Turkish engineers for foreign language education!

Artificial intelligence support from Turkish engineers for foreign language education!
27 December 2018

Artificial intelligence support from Turkish engineers for foreign language education!

Starting primary school English language education in Turkey, continues throughout high school and college way to cover at least 12 years. Nevertheless, Turkey ranks 73th out of 88 countries in the global ranking of English proficiency. The English learning platform WEXT combines Oxford University Press content with artificial intelligence to provide a new generation of personalized learning methods.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey, while in English language education has been one of the world's most generous country. A student receives more than 1,000 hours of English in 12 years from primary school. However, according to the rank held English proficiency among international language school EF Education First by non-native English 88 countries, Turkey # 73 "ranks very low proficiency" band. Founder of WEXT, Ali Uzunyolcu, the founder of the English language learning platform WEXT, states that the main reason for this situation is the lack of individual methods, low motivation, time and space necessity, lack of individual-specific feedback in the learning process.

Artificial intelligence supported model from foreign language education

Traditional teaching methods 'one-size-fits-all' approach (accepting each individual and presenting the same course material) continues to be one of the obstacles to language learning. On the other hand, rapidly developing artificial intelligence technologies are also included in the training processes. WEXT introduces a new generation of personalized English learning methods by combining Oxford University Press Oxford University's Oxford University Press content and artificial intelligence. With its artificial intelligence support structure developed by academic cooperation of Turkish engineers and Sakarya University Teknokent, WEXT offers a personalized training process by supporting the most appropriate course materials with instant feedback based on the level of progress of the users and their language development. The platform creates more than 1000 different interactive lesson plans in accordance with the learning speed and form of the user through objective evaluations thanks to learning analytics.

listening to foreign language teaching and speaking, reading and writing, grammar and vocabulary, underlining that it is a whole skill Ali Uzunyolc, "the study English in Turkey is practically the first skill speech comes to mind is concerned. At this point, we ignored that we do not have sufficient level of grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading skills unless we can not have the ability to speak at the desired level. In this context, it is possible to achieve success in a faster and more effective way by means of a technology-supported personalized language learning method where all language skills are integrated. At this point, we are the number of artificial intelligence by analyzing the data by identifying the differences of individuals is guiding. Yapay

Target, teaching English to the world with domestic resources

Ali Uzunyolcu stated that WEXT, which was put into service in September of 2018, reached more than 10,000 thousand users in the first 4 months and said: inden As a result of this rapid growth, we started to work to open up to international markets. In line with the demands, we focused primarily on Russia, Italy, Malaysia and Slovakia. Innovative learning model with WEXT, a candidate to be one of the international market opened English language learning platform come from Turkey. "

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