“Spaces with Ersa ıy Opens Discussion Culture and Change in Spaces

“Spaces with Ersa ıy Opens Discussion Culture and Change in Spaces
28 February 2018

“Spaces with Ersa ıy Opens Discussion Culture and Change in Spaces

Offices, shared work areas, shared offices, houses, cafes; work spaces have evolved.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The addition of technology and generational differences to this change has created new working cultures. Where do we work today? How will the working places of tomorrow be shaped? All these questions and more will be discussed at the event titled Mekan Locations with Ersa: Working “.

Ersa will launch a series of events that enable professionals from different disciplines to share their knowledge and experience of spaces. The first event will be held on Tuesday, March 13 at SALT Galata under the title Mekan Venues with Ersa: Working çalışma. Haworth's Workspace Strategist Stefan Kiss, one of the world's largest office furniture brands, will also participate in the event, where the change in the working culture and the past, present and future work spaces will be handled with an interdisciplinary approach. It is enough to register for free at to watch the event where 20 speakers will speak in 5 different sessions.

In the first session of the oturum Places with Ersa: Working ”event, moderated by Gürhan Bakırküre, Gökhan Bilgiç, Volkan Tarsus, Aydan Bozkurt, Eda Çarmıklı and Markus Lehto said, N What are the Working Places? What is not? Tartış In the second session moderated by Kerem Erginoğlu, Yiğit Şatıroğlu, Emre Güneş and Burak Ünder will discuss the issue of productivity in working places. In the third session, which will be directed by Banu Uçak, Seyhan Özdemir, Ahmet Onur and Alpay Er will discuss the impact of trends in working culture and spaces. Nevzat Aydın, Filiz Akdede and Arzu Ünal, who participated in Ersa's Dış Out of the Office iyle program in collaboration with Hürriyet TV, will interpret the work culture from the executive point of view under the moderation of Duygu Merzifonluoğlu. The event will end with a session where all moderators will evaluate the day.

“Spaces with Ersa” is a series of discussions organized by Ersa Mobilya to bring the knowledge and experience of professionals from different disciplines to the wider audience. Gürhan Bakırküre, Aydan Volkan, Pınar Gökbayrak, Yalçın Ata, Aynur Yılmaz and Banu Binat are the advisory board of the event that focuses on the future of the spaces. The communication center of the event, sponsored by PETRA The Flooring Co., OWA and Technogym, is sponsored by bi_ozet and Arredamento Mimarlık. The outputs of the event, which will be repeated for different venues, will be translated into a publication that will serve as a guide in the design of these venues. The publication will be available in print form and at

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