Opportunities in Turkey live and study at American Technology Companies​

Opportunities in Turkey live and study at American Technology Companies​
07 March 2018

Opportunities in Turkey live and study at American Technology Companies​

Crossover, the US-based technology company that enables talented human resources to work from anywhere in the world, brings together selected professionals from around the world with companies looking for the best in their field.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - In 2017, Crossover, bringing together 2,444 talent from 130 different countries with the world's leading technology companies, organizes a recruitment tournament for positions at the level of Director and Assistant General Manager in Istanbul on Saturday (March 10th). Crossovers are currently in Turkey to 96, while the world total in 2941 is a professional employment.

Crossover Turkey, since 2015, grown human resources both comfortable and free opportunity to work in both countries the standards of the very top in various positions at the American values ​​that our country grows by offering the opportunity to earn global scale technology company in Turkey, and allows him to work in remote and most effective way . The company that pays its talents according to their qualifications, not by the country or location in which they live; offers full-time work for individuals to work in positions that earn between 15 and 500 US dollars per hour.

Recruitment of the details of the tournament which is responsible for expressing Crossover operations based in Istanbul Turkey Dedeko of Mine "Every week organized live and retrieving records to more than 10 thousand online recruitment tournament. In tournaments organized in cities, only those who can come to the city are offered the opportunity to apply, while online tournaments provide equal opportunities for people living all over the world. In the tests in the tournaments where the first 3 stages of the application process, which consists of 5 stages, are applied; eligibility, English proficiency and competencies of candidates are measured. Those who prove their competence can be evaluated in positions such as Senior Software Architect (Angular, Java, .NET, C ++), Technical Product Management Executive Vice President, SaaSOps Assistant General Manager, Channel Sales Assistant General Manager, and Marketing Assistant General Manager. Yet

Professionals who want to participate in the live tournament which will be held on March 10th at Istanbul and work in the world's leading technology companies with an hourly rate between 100 and 200 USD can apply at

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55

About Crossover 

Established in the US in 2014, Crossover enables talented human resources to work 100% from anywhere in the world in global technology companies. Crossover now has 2941 professionals from more than 100 countries.