Aiming to become a world brand, Penti has turned its course into digital transformation

Aiming to become a world brand, Penti has turned its course into digital transformation
07 March 2018

Aiming to become a world brand, Penti has turned its course into digital transformation

Turkey's leading multi-category retail fashion underwear brand Pent, digital transformation journey to come out with itelligence.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Inner wear, leg wear, home wear and swimwear categories of Turkey's most popular and preferred fashion retailer Pentti, turned the route moves towards becoming a world brand digital conversion. Penti, which operates in 34 countries with 466 stores and more than 3,500 employees, aims to build a reliable and fast infrastructure with its digitalization investment in business processes and build all its applications on this structure. Penti, which is one of the largest international business partners in the ecosystem of SAP, the world's leading software in business applications, will perfect all business processes with the project planned to end in 2019. It will accelerate its operations with continuous improvements in the supply chain and sales areas.

Apparel CEO Pentti KARAİBRAHİMOĞLU Merten, said in a statement, "Turkey as well as Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia as the market leader in almost all the surrounding countries. In order to become a global brand, we believe that digital transformation is a must. We aim to be the most efficient retailer using technology. Tekn Saying that they aim to increase the total number of stores to 600 by the end of 2018, Karaibrahimoğlu said: im 2018 will not be an easy year for retailers due to cost increases. Therefore, in order to become a global player, we have to realize the digital transformation. In this context, we are very happy to have decided to go on a digital transformation journey due to its expertise, approach to project methodology, past experiences and global competencies. So we can manage the data basing our decision support processes in a unique project in Turkey and we can perfect our entire supply chain process. "

itelligence Turkey CEO Dr. The client is Abdülbahr they accompanied the digital transformation journey many institutions worldwide, is the experience achieved in this regard by providing the industry with best business practices, companies in Turkey stated that guidance to provide added value to the business processes and benefit from this experience.

It is almost impossible to imagine an industry or business process not affected by digitalization!

Danış stated that the digital transformation that reshaped the institutions and thus the customer experience was a necessity as a return of the age. Olarak Digitalization is an inevitable part of our daily and business life. It is almost impossible to imagine a sector or business process that does not affect digitalization. In this sense, as itelligence, we are accompanied by our experienced team of digital transformation journey of many institutions from different industries and we witness the concrete benefits that they have achieved. Both retail as well as in the world as a dynamic sector in Turkey is among the industries we focus on. In this sense, we are delighted to be able to work together on this long-term journey to make a direct contribution to sales and marketing targets by enabling a major company like Penti, a world-wide proven company to simplify all business processes and display 360 katkı consumer behavior. 

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