Mehmet Güreli, Irmak Zileli and Tuğçe Isıyel meet with their readers in Balat

Mehmet Güreli, Irmak Zileli and Tuğçe Isıyel meet with their readers in Balat
12 March 2018

Mehmet Güreli, Irmak Zileli and Tuğçe Isıyel meet with their readers in Balat

Literature enthusiasts meet at Balat. The guests of the ık Coffee Talks with the Authors Kılavuz event, which will be held on 17 March, will be held together with the new generation author platform. Mehmet Güreli, Irmak Zileli and Tuğçe Isıyel.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The event will be held between 14:00 - 16:00 in Balatğindes Oladık Projeler Atölyesi. A Hot Eye, Alope's Room, Dreams and Streets, and Bedrufi's Breath works by Mehmet Güreli, as well as the author of Tuğçe Isıyel, who prepared for the publication of his work Irmak Zileli and Istanbul's Sakinleri Participation in the event will be free of charge.

Who is Mehmet Güreli?

Mehmet Güreli was born in Istanbul in 1949 and studied Philosophy at Istanbul University. Güreli worked in Hürriyet Newspaper in 1976. For eleven years, he wrote about two thousand articles on cinema, music and television. In 1984 he founded Nisan Magazine. In 1985, he wrote his first short story collection, Gür A Hot Eye ’. This was followed by his second short story collection titled ”Alope's Room in in 1993, aller Dreams and Streets ederk and in Breath of Bedrufi“ is another important work of the author.

Mehmet Güreli is also known for his works as a painter, musician and director with his films and series directed by documentaries and albums besides his writer identity.

Who is Irmak Zileli?

Irmak Zileli was born in 1978 in Istanbul and studied Social Anthropology. He worked as a reporter for television and magazines and served as the editor in chief of the novels Roman Heroes. Since 2006, Zileli has published reviews and reviews in various journals and newspapers. As of 2017, he has been working on the K24 web site with his column titled ş Devolved Sentence ümle in the Remzi Book Newspaper that he edited in 2007-2017. Her stories, collected under Zileli's ur Bizarre Encounters aylık title, are also published monthly in the Tuhaf magazine. Irmak Zileli also continues to tell stories on his website at, in the eyes of a broken watch on the square.

Zileli's works include Quran (2011, 2012 Yunus Nadi Novel Award), Eye Abduction (2014) and his novels (2017), as well as his novels Bayram Kisim (2004) and interviews with Halit Refig. ).

Who is Tuğçe Isıyel?

Isıyel who graduated from Istanbul University Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department, received various trainings of psychoanalysis at Middlesex University in London and Turkey. Having received the EFTA-European Family Therapy Association”s certificate, Isıyel completed the basic and advanced level of ıy Family and Couple Therapy ’training. He is currently working as an adult, family and couple psychotherapist in Istanbul. He is currently conducting a workshop called “Psychoanalytic Literary Readings, and writes articles, reviews, and reviews in various journals.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55