Working Culture and Spaces "Ersa and Locations" Made in Salt Galata

Working Culture and Spaces
15 March 2018

Working Culture and Spaces "Ersa and Locations" Made in Salt Galata

The new generation wants to work with pleasure in healthy spaces​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Ersa one of Turkey's most established furniture companies, organizations of under 60 years, allowing the sharing of knowledge and experience of professionals venues from different disciplines "Ersa Locations" held series of events of the first March 13 on Tuesday in Istanbul SALT Galata. In the meeting titled ”Locations with Ersa: Work“; In the light of the new working culture that emerged with technology and generational differences, the past, present and future of the working spaces were discussed. The event started with the opening speech of Assistant General Manager of Ersa Furniture and 400 people followed.

18 participants from five different sessions took part in the event, and Haworth's Working Space Strategist Stefan Kiss, one of the world's largest office furniture brands, attended the event as a guest speaker. Erg Happiness, technology, Z generation, cooperation and ergonomics will be shaped by Kiss, onom said Kiss, who gave information about global trends that will be based on an employee-oriented approach. Kiss says the future is digital; Uz We are moving towards the working places where the large data will be analyzed, fluid cooperation, working culture, flexible furniture, not only physical issues, but also APPs (application) for socializing people. Kal There is a need for good buildings ustik that have elements such as air quality, acoustics and ergonomics that affect people's behavior and health.

"Ersa Locations: Run the" effectiveness of Bakırkür Architecture kurusuc Gürhan Bakırküre the first session moderated by British American Tobacco (BAT) General Manager for Turkey Gokhan Bilgic, Great Place to Work Communications and Marketing Manager Volkan Tarsus, Proper founding partner Aidan Booth, Joint Idea Founder Partners Eda Çarmıklı and Markus Lehto, ve What are Working Places? What is not? Ir discussed on questions. In the second session moderated by Ferko İnşaat General Coordinator Banu Uçak, Autoban Co-founder Sefer Çağlar, Kolektif House Co-Founder Ahmet Onur and Özyeğin University Department of Industrial Design Department Chair Alpay Er spoke about the impact of trends in working places. Erginoğlu & Works Architecture Founding Partner Kerem third session Erginoğlu Manage Assembly Buildings Founding Partner Yigit Şatıroğlu, PLD Turkey Editor Emre Sun and Ündar Architects Founder John Ündar, he took up the efficiency issues in their work places. HP Turkey General Manager Filiz Akdede, Y & R Istanbul, CEO Arzu Unal and Kerem Erginoğlu while holding the presenter's all-day emotions Merzifonluoğlu has interpreted the terms of the work culture in another session be moderated by managerial perspective.

During the all-day event, some topics came to the fore especially in the speeches of experts from different fields. With the development of technology, now every place has been transformed into a working place, the number of mobile workers are increasing every day. While some of the speakers stated that the hierarchy was broken in the companies with the Y generation, the young people preferred to work and enjoy while they enjoyed, some of them argued that flexible working hours reduced the working efficiency of the offices that turned into a home and restricted the private life of the people. In spatial terms, it was stated that the working places where individual preferences could be reflected were preferred, and the narrow and multi-storey offices of the old were shifted to common offices on less floors and the office stock in Istanbul increased with each passing power. In the speeches that draw attention to the culture of cooperating and working together, it was emphasized the importance of interpersonal interaction and community formation.

The first meeting of the a Ersa and Mekanlar en series, organized by Ersa Furniture, was held with the sponsorship of PETRA The Flooring Co., OWA and Technogym, in order to bring the knowledge and experience of professionals from different disciplines to a wider audience. Focusing on the future of the event, the advisory board of the event includes Gürhan Bakırküre, Aydan Volkan, Pınar Gökbayrak, Yalçın Ata, Aynur Yılmaz and Banu Binat. The outputs of the activity to be repeated for different places will be transformed into a publication that will be a guide in the design of these spaces and will be shared at

Event Moderator and Speakers

Notes on Working Culture and Venues

Lar There is a need for working spaces that will make people happy. “

Gürhan Bakırküre: yer Today, with mobility, every place has become a working place. Now we get information from everywhere. The offices are changing. A bench, a car's seat or a café is our new workplace. Is this change based solely on technology? No. Generation Y entered the working life with its different demands and needs. We are also experiencing a period in which profitability decreases and competition is highlighted. All these developments were also reflected in the working places. Administrative mentality has changed, the hierarchy has been broken. Yönetim

Volkan Tarsus: ında Happiness created in the working environment is reflected in family and society. It is very important that employees work in çok healthy çalış spaces. 

Eda Çarmıklı, who said that the Generation X had grown up with a wrong misconception, said, tı Instead of choosing the job we wanted, as we did the new generation, we were directed to jobs we would make money with. We didn't have to enjoy and add value. We tried to distinguish between work and life. The new generation challenges us. Yeni

Gökhan Bilgiç, who provided information about the new workplace of BAT at the Origin Plaza, said:: The most important role of the general manager of a company is to move the company's culture to the right place. This is not only solved by the office. Bu Gökhan Bilgiç stated that he does not believe in the concept of remote working. In our new workspace, there are open and common work areas, cafes, telephone booths, closed offices. Communication between functions has increased. We also created individual usage areas. This is important. We would not change jobs without guaranteeing ourselves as Generation X, and the new generation is going now. If you want to keep good people, you must create the right places. Even your chair choice is important. Choosing the cheap one is wrong. It should be calculated well in the long term.

Aydan Bozkurt: ,7 The office market in Istanbul has a stock size of 5.7 million m2. 8 million m2, but the users are not qualified enough. In multi-storey buildings, instead of offices stuck in narrow spaces, widespread offices are needed. In these places that reinforce the element of trust, it is very important to have different functions together with the teams of the managers and to create a community. Güven

Gürhan Bakırküre, den 20 years ago, offices were not going to stay, it was not. What do we do to the office? Are we gonna sit and work? Will we share something? Will it be ofice-home” now? ’He asked.

Aydan Bozkurt: “We need places that will make people living happy.

"Does one think differently in the palace and in the hut?"

Banu Uçak: ere Locations has kept pace with technological developments. Working spaces are shaped by the socio-economic realities of the country. 

Alpay Er, three important trends in the concept of user talked about. Er said, more fun places, interactive spaces and places embracing different generations have come to the fore, ı The office furniture sector has developed because there are qualified and high-quality demands as the customer institutions are. The needs and expectations of the biggest companies in our country are at the level of Europe and America. But we think that, at least in Turkey, SMEs constitute 99% of the manufacturing industry, interior design would be wrong not cover their needs. "He said.

Banu Aircraft: “The line between work and life is blurred. Do we all prefer this? This is good for entrepreneurs, but does anyone want this? New offices are waiting for you to spend 10-12 hours in the office, not 8. We all need to realize one's self. The question is: Do we want to do this by working? 

Ahmet Onur: mak Do not work but produce. What adds more value to human life is the community. Kom

Alpay Er: ece There is an earthquake caused by concepts such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0. Everyone will focus on profit maximization. Does one think differently in the palace and in the hut? He brought us trends. Those on the pyramid will invest in working places. What about other companies?

Office as a machine
Burak Ünder: Ün Office; a machine where people, space and technology come together olan The important thing is how little users feel about that machine. In the '80s there were linear and hierarchical offices. Flexible and casual offices in the 90s entered our lives. In the 2000s, the human factor became decisive. 

Emre Güneş: saat The sun is different in every hour of the day. This affects the rhythm of the human body. The fixed, uniform lighting applied in offices affects people's rhythm. If we say we are making people-oriented spaces, we have to offer users the opportunity to adjust their lights. A well-designed building with elements such as natural light, fresh air, air-conditioning, etc., makes it possible for an employee to become ill for 2-4 days a year. 

Burak Ünder:: There are statistics that team work increases productivity by 30%. Efficiency can be achieved by working in institutional structures as well as by employees. While the old area per person was reduced by 20 m², today we have 8-10 m² of personal space. Because due to the increase in real estate prices since 2008, smaller working places are now rented. 

Emre Güneş: ıy We spend 20% of our time in business life to reach information that is somewhere. 

Burak Ünder: ın In a company with more than 300 employees, one person spends 50 minutes a month to find a room for a meeting. Because employees who are dissatisfied with the current working environment are working there by reserving a meeting room. On the other hand, young employees have a commitment to the place and not to the table. With no fixed tables, the 8-10 m² area can be increased to 300 m². Alar

Emre Güneş: den We have zero points among the OECD countries in the balance of work life. It is obvious that we are inefficient. 

Yiğit Şatıroğlu: or Flexible work and spatialization increase productivity in the short term but make the job unmanageable.

Kerem Erginoğlu: Ker We are still in a period where one-to-one human relations are valid and necessary. 

"Work is not where you go, what you do."

Filiz Akdede: esnek For almost 60 years, flexible working hours have been applied on HP. We expect our employees not to come to the office at the same time, but to do their job well. Çalışan

Arzu Ünal: lar Our unit of measure is fulfilling the responsibilities. No matter where you work, where it works. We have developed applications that we can meet at their workplace. Onların

Kerem Erginoğlu: merkezi The new center of is designed for 700 people. The center is located on four floors of approximately 9,500 m² and is operated for 24 hours. A different concept was used on each floor. There was a dining area, a sports area, a playground, a sleeping room. Yemek

Duygu Merzifonluoğlu: ğin Work is not where you go, what you do. How will workplaces be in 2030?

Filiz Akdede: m I started working 25 years ago at HP. At that time, it was said that there would be paperless offices in the future. There's still paper! Everything was smart now. Technology will change and change everything in our lives. Teknoloji

Arzu Ünal: birbir People get energy from each other when they come together. This meeting can also be in an office, an application (app) through the "Yes there is a transformation, but there is a process that will continue human interactions."

Filiz Akdede: olan The new generation wants to work with companies that are more conscious about sustainability. He pays attention to whether he fulfills his corporate social responsibilities.

Arzu Ünal: le The new generation sees their parents as nesil corporate slaves Ar. First they want to eliminate it. The job is to make money for them, not something that is made to enjoy. So it is necessary to find the definition of the workplace that is enjoyed. I think we will soon see the days when the business correspondence, like in France, is compulsory after 18:00. 

Filiz Akdede: ’It is estimated that 35% of employees will be mobile in 2020. I think it would be even more. Cyber ​​security, mobility and big data will remain the three important issues on the world's agenda. 

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About Ersa

Text established by Atabay Ata and ERSA to be involved in the management at the date the family's 3rd generation members in all areas where there is furniture, into contact with the most people possible, Turkey and furniture of the world's consumers, design, creative for production and architectural needs and developing quality solutions . Ersa aims to move all its products and services forward in line with the quality and trust elements that form the basis of the corporate culture. Ersa combined its production capability with the experience of international partners. In 2014, he signed a single dealer deal with Haworth, one of the world's largest office furniture brands. Since the past year and Quadrifoglio of Cappellini brand is the representative of Turkey. In 2016, he partnered with the British Frem Group.