Customer Specific Self Service Solutions with Native Chatbot Software in Banking Sector

Customer Specific Self Service Solutions with Native Chatbot Software in Banking Sector
26 March 2018

Customer Specific Self Service Solutions with Native Chatbot Software in Banking Sector

Ziraat Bank has preferred the native chatbot software developed by SESTEK, which has been developed by SESTEK, in the Agriculture Assistant, which is offered to its customers by the new website.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The domestic chatbot technology developed by SESTEK, a technology company operating in the fields of audio and communication technologies, was introduced on Ziraat Bank's website. Having recently renewed its website, Ziraat Bank offers its visitors an advanced self-service experience thanks to the virtual web assistant that it calls Ziraat Assistant. Unlike traditional chat applications that can only detect defined expressions, Ziraat Assistant uses SESTEK Chatbot with natural language processing technology and offers visitors the chance to correspond with natural expressions as if there is a person. Ziraat Assistant, who can easily answer many questions about the banking process such as te I want to attract credit ist, anla Where is your nearest service point? Ilar,, Can I get information about exchange rates? “Can ask additional questions to better understand what users mean. In this way, visitors can easily access the information they need by dialing through the web site menus or by contacting the Agriculture Assistant without calling the customer representative.

SESTEK General Manager Serdar Karadayı stated that they produce domestic technology solutions competing with global giants in the field of audio technologies and said, Chatbot is among the rising technologies of the last days. Many organizations benefit from this technology with the aim of providing effective self-service solutions to their customers. SESTEK Chatbot distinguishes itself from simple applications based on the question-answer logic currently used by its native language processing technology. This technology, in which users interact with natural expressions, contributes to institutions to increase their self-service rates. Kullan

Ziraat Bank Head of Digital Banking Bayram Tuzcu mentioned the importance of producing alternative communication channels under competitive market conditions. “As Ziraat Bank, we attach great importance to our customers by getting access to our Bank through the channels they wish to receive quality services. For this purpose, we use the latest technologies in all channels we serve, primarily digital channels. In this context, with the help of the Agriculture Assistant, which we have implemented on our new corporate web site, we prioritize the user experience and we provide many functions such as product application, calculation tools, as well as quick access to site functions and products and services of our Bank. 

Ziraat Asistan application can be tested at

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