Prepares for the certificate program in the US, with a 1-year work permit here earns up to 50 thousand dollars!

Prepares for the certificate program in the US, with a 1-year work permit here earns up to 50 thousand dollars!
18 April 2018

Prepares for the certificate program in the US, with a 1-year work permit here earns up to 50 thousand dollars!

Approximately 10 thousand people go to the US every year for training. The goal of 27% is to find a job and support career plans. Participants in the 9-month certificate programs in the United States have a 1-year work permit.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - International certificate programs that concentrate on a specific area and develop their foreign language in a short period of time, providing theoretical and practical training; quite an opportunity for students and young professionals. According to the data provided by Academix, an international training consultancy firm; The main objective of 27% of those who went abroad for education from Turkey; find work and provide support for career plans. Situated at the beginning of the most popular countries to the US for training, going 10 thousand people every year in Turkey and 10% of the outgoing prefers certification programs. The reason why the US is more demanding than other countries is that the students receive a one-year salary work permit called OPT (Optional Practical Training) related to the field of their academic training after at least 9 months of certificate program. In this way, alumni are not only educated in the best schools in the world, but also have a 1-year work experience in the US and make a significant contribution to their CV. Especially during the work experience, graduates of engineering, software and application programming have the opportunity to earn up to 50 thousand dollars.

Possibility of training from the executives of famous companies in the world's best universities

UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and UCSC (University of California, Santa Cruz, Silicon Valley) are among the top 50 universities in the world. Both schools are competent registry office in Turkey Academix International Education Consultancy, giving free consulting services for Turkish students. UCLA, which stands out as a modern research university with its leading education staff and academic infrastructure; certificate programs such as interior architecture, human resources, marketing, design, film and cinema, acting and journalism are more preferred. While UCSC stands out especially in IT, software and engineering departments, all of the school's instructors in Silicon Valley are professionals working in big technology companies like Apple and Apple.

Academai is selected as the 2017 Eastern European Star Agency selected

Student Travel Magazine of 3 thousand out of business "in 2017 in Eastern Europe Star Agency" Academix selected as Overseas Education Consultancy, 12th in Turkey in March and 13 branches in Istanbul, opened in Umraniye and Göktürk service. Academix offers free education to students on international education opportunities, program content, application requirements, admission details, formal correspondence with schools, visa procurement and planning of travel processes.

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About Academix Overseas Education Consultancy

Academix International Education Consultancy, which aims to offer the most appropriate education options for Turkish students since 1996, aims to provide the right choice for Turkish students who want to study abroad. company, which has 13 branches in Turkey, especially in America, Britain, Italy, the world's many prestigious schools and institutions, including Australia and Canada, language, school programs, undergraduate and graduate, is doing the diploma and certificate programs representative in Turkey.