It's easy for parents to find children's activities and also for workshops!

It's easy for parents to find children's activities and also for workshops!
20 April 2018

It's easy for parents to find children's activities and also for workshops!

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The technology platform, which aims children to spend quality time, has been in use since April 2018. The platform that brings parents together with workshops that make fun activities that contribute to the development of children; The activity that lasts hours reduces the search process to just a few minutes, while the workshops are speeding up the search and tracking process.

The platform can be easily accessed with social media accounts; from planting to play workshops, from ceramics to preschool coding training, workshops and activities for all age groups can be reached and registered easily. Considering the fact that early childhood experiences have a significant share in intelligence, self-confidence and identity development, the platform offers many useful activities and workshops.

Although there are many fun and educational trips, activities or workshops for children, parents cannot be aware of or overlooked the busy tempo of business life. However, there are many art workshops and science and sports centers around the children. These workshops also involve parents who will entrust their children with the most valuable assets of parents, and they have to create confidence and trust for weeks. With Kids Discovering, parents can easily discover children's activities and create time by shortening the search process. Workshops and centers can reach their users in a much shorter time. Founder Özgür Elçiseven said, “As the intensity of business life increases, the time that parents can allocate to their children is decreasing. The children's time is occupied with shopping centers such as smart phones, tablets and televisions. To reverse this situation; We have established the platform of in order to ensure that the children touched, wondered and produced the soil. Our goal is to enable parents to experience pleasant and colorful activities with their children, while shortening the search process to ensure that all events and workshops are easily found on a single screen. In this way, parents can create extra time by shortening the activity search process. In addition, parents can enjoy a lot of fun while on the other hand. Likewise, we also want to create a sustainable ecosystem by simplifying the process of finding participants and workshops and trainers simultaneously. As of now, we serve only in Istanbul. We have recently added 200 event centers to our organization; Ankara, Izmir and Bursa from opening more than a thousand, including the central event in Turkey, we aim to be the main platform of family planning they will spend quality time with their children, "he said.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55