Schengen visa refusal rate of applicants from Turkey increased by 80%!

Schengen visa refusal rate of applicants from Turkey increased by 80%!
26 April 2018

Schengen visa refusal rate of applicants from Turkey increased by 80%!

To get a Schengen visa from Turkey last 3 years the number of applicants increased by 8%, received rejection rate reached 80.5% rise in 63.122

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ISTANBUL (TR) -, an online insurance sales platform that compiles Schengen visa statistics published by the European Travel Information and Authorization System, stated that 16 million 155 thousand 613 applications were made to Schengen visas from all over the world in order to travel to European Union countries in 2017. Turkey; After Russia and the People's Republic of China, the Schengen visa became the third most popular country with 971 thousand 710 applications. Between the years 2015-2017 the number of applications made to the Schengen visa from Turkey increased by 8%, whereas the rate reached 80.5% received red rose 63.122'y. In the same period, the rate of refusal to apply for Schengen visas from all over the world increased by only 37.2%. In 2017, Turkish citizens had the highest number of applications for Schengen visas, respectively, France, Germany and Italy. Malta rejected 25.3% of applications, followed by Belgium with 16%. France, Portugal and the Netherlands stand out as more than 10% rejection of visa applications.

Travel health insurance amounts to only 2.5% of travel expenses.

The number of Turkish citizens going abroad in 2017 increased by 12.6% compared to the previous year and reached 8 million 886 thousand 906 people. While the European Union is ranked first with 3.5 million as the most visited region, the rejection rates for Schengen visa applications increased by 80.5% in the last 3 years. The CEO of, Bradley Du Chenne, who purchased the travel health insurance compulsory in visa applications from, is not only eligible for a health insurance of 30,000 Euros; also stated that they could secure themselves for risks such as personal accident, baggage loss, snatch, tour cancellation. Du Chene also said, "A person who spends an average $ 578 a trip abroad from Turkey. Thanks to the travel health insurance, which constitutes 2.5% of this budget, the risk of rejection of the visa application, which constitutes 25% of the travel expenses, can be easily assured.

Travel health insurance that can be purchased online 24/7 through; With a premium amount that is extremely small compared to travel costs, the refusal of a visa application ensures that those traveling for personal accident, baggage loss, snatches, lap cancellation, and risks of travel can be secured.

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