Bipolar: A Different Life ’exhibition in Istanbul after Bursa, India and Dubai

Bipolar: A Different Life ’exhibition in Istanbul after Bursa, India and Dubai
26 April 2018

Bipolar: A Different Life exhibition in Istanbul after Bursa, India and Dubai 

Bipolar disorder, known as manic depression, refers to frequent and uncontrolled changes in a person's mood and is seen in 1 or 2 out of 100 people. The exhibition attracts attention to bipolar disorder. It will be followed up at the Non-Balat Projects Project until 28th of May.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The exhibition Bipolar: A Different Life, designed to draw attention to people with bipolar disorder, including the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh; Bursa will meet with the audience in Istanbul after India and Dubai. America, Italy, Britain, the Netherlands and Turkey, bipolar disorder, which brings together the works of professional artists, the exhibition is the first in exemplary literature. The exhibition, which allows artists who have bipolar disorder to express themselves through art, will be able to visit the Workshops Workshop between April 28 and May 28, 2018.

The Bipolar project is being implemented by Fatmagül Mutlu, Founder of Bipolar Projects. Mutlu stated that they were interested by the International Bipolar Foundation, the Royal Academy and the Van Gogh Museum, and they will be on the Royal Academy Stage in England on 1 June. , All of the artists participating in the project believe that they are better by performing their arts, sanat said Mutlu, who has been working with bipolar artists and practicing art therapy for 3 years. As an artist, I can say that when the restorative nature of art is handled with due care, the result is extraordinary! Ben

The opening is on April 28th
The opening of the exhibition will be held on Saturday 28 April at 19:30. After an interview with Ayol Gültekin about her novel li Kırı Değrek ğ, Bipolar Life Association collaboration; The short film titled “Tell you that you know bip, which tells the stories of bipolar patients, will be watched.

Bipolar: A Different Life

28 Nisan – 28 Mayıs 2018 09:30 – 19:30

Unusual Enterprise | Hızır Cavus Mescidi Street 40/A Balat

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