How to write an event press release?

Within the scope of pr strategies, distributing a press release for an event is one the most effective tool to introduce an event and announce it to the press. As B2Press, we will answer the question of “How to write a Press Release for an Event?”.

One of the essential ways for institutions to communicate with their target audiences and reinforce their existing relations is by organizing an event. Institutions that establish relationships based on mutual understanding, goodwill and tolerance not only with customers but also with all stakeholders through events, offer significant value for the masses. These are the activities where the interaction and experience are felt most. These events, which have the lion's share in increasing and maintaining positive relations with the target audiences, should be announced to the target groups through the most effective communication tool. At this point, press releases prepared before and after the event with a strategic approach are the most effective tools of reaching the target audiences.

Pre-event and Post-event press releases

While using traditional tools (posters, advertisements, TV or radio spots) is helpful, it is essential to have visibility in the online media when announcing an event. It is crucial to open an event announcement on web platforms, especially on Eventbrite and Facebook. At this point, it is necessary to examine what can be done through the press.

Institutions or individuals who want to stand out among their competitors in the minds of the masses should make the announcements of the events with active and effective communication tools. This can be possible via press releases. A press release serves as a bridge between the journalists and institutions or individuals who want to announce an event. Getting effective results from an event press release depends on the right medium, as well as the right message. Since the selected channels that the press release will be published directly affects your reputation among the target audience, both in terms of their prestige and broadcast policies, it is advisable to select media channels prissily.

Press releases for an event can be prepared in two ways, before and after the event.

Pre-event press releases are prepared, especially to inform and invite the public to an event. In addition to providing basic information with the 5W1H rule, the theme of the event, the subject, details of the prominent participants and exciting aspects can be addressed. It also helps the financial and strategic goals of institutions or individuals as it gets coverage in the media, without having to buy space and time from the media such as advertisements. Thus, the strategic activity process is effectively managed through press releases.

Post-event press releases include the topics mentioned in a summit, panel, concert or conference, and the content newsworthiness is enriched by quoting the striking statements of the participants. Especially remarkable expressions that can be used by the press are selected. In this way, it is possible to plant a seed of an idea in the minds of potential participants for the following years with its influential structure.

How do you write a press release for an event?

One of the most common topics of a press release is events. How do we write the press releases that we split into two as pre-event and post-event?

First of all, it is aimed to draw the attention of the journalist with the press release that has a striking title. No matter how strong the content of a press release is, it is less likely to be noticed if it does not have an interesting title. This is because journalists choose from hundreds of press releases and news from news agencies that are sent to their mailboxes every day. The title should, therefore, be interesting, understandable and reflect the essence of the news. After the journalists are attracted with the title, important information about the event, new and interesting topics are transmitted to the journalist in the first paragraph. Since it is an event announcement, the name, scope, date, where and how of the event are specified in accordance with the 5W1H rule. In the press release, all questions that may affect the participation of the event are clearly answered. Information about the event date, ticket details or invitation needs to be shared. Thus, the press members can participate in the event and can add the event to their calendars.

Press invitation for the event shouldn't be forgotten. It is advisable to send the press release and the invitation to the media at least four weeks before the event so that the members of the press can allocate their time. All of this information is provided to eliminate the curiosity of the reader from the first paragraph. Once the journalist is provided with essential information about the event, the second and third paragraphs will provide more details about the event. Information related to the subject is prioritized from the most important to the less important according to the readers' interest. The answer to “Why it is important to participate in this event?” should be explained clearly. The press release should be prepared so that there are no spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and expression disorders. The contact information of the experts who prepare the press release is added to the press release to ensure that the broadcaster or journalists can receive more information about the subject and to maintain transparency. Alternative visuals are sent to journalists about the event. These visuals can be about the area where the event will be held, the speaker or artist, who will participate in the event, etc.

Press release examples for event announcement

After discussing how to prepare press releases, it is necessary to consolidate with a few sample contents. Here are a few examples of an event press release.

Pre-event press releases,

Post-event press releases,



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