How to write a news article?

News article or a news story is a short and effective content written in accordance with the 5W1H questions that conveys all the relevant information in a limited word count and gives the facts concisely.

A news article or a news story is a short and effective content written in accordance with the 5W1H questions that conveys current developments and the basics of a current event. News articles containing important information are used to inform the target audience. How to write a news article? What should be considered to write a qualified and effective news story? We have tried to answer all these questions in our blog post.

News articles that convey all the facts and developments that concern the public take place in traditional and online media channels. A good news article must be newsworthy and written in accordance with journalistic rules in order to reach the public. It should be read by as many people as possible in order to have increased visibility and impact. The best way to achieve this is to write a remarkable, well-prepared and effective article.

Before writing a news article, the writer must have as many of the facts as they can gather. Here are some facts to find out before writing.

  • What?

What is it about?

‘What’ identifies an event and is the primary subject, the reason the article is presented.

  • Who?

Who or Whom is it about?

‘Who’ identifies the persons or groups that are affected.

  • Where?

Where did it happen?

‘Where’ identifies the places that the event happened.

  • When?

When did it happen?

‘When’ identifies the date and time of the event.

  • Why?

Why did it happen?

‘Why’ identifies the reasons for the event.

  • How?

How did it happen?

‘How’ identifies and connects the facts.


Structure of a news article

1- The Headline

The headline of a news article should be informative, catchy, emotion-evoking and to the point. It is the headline that will attract attention and curiosity of readers at first glance.

2- Intro and the lead

The lead is the first sentence or paragraph, written to provide a preview of the entire article. It summarizes the story and includes many of the basic facts. The lead must have all the answers of 5W1H questions in it. The first paragraph should contain enough information to give the reader a good overview of the entire story. This is necessary to give readers a reason to continue reading.

3- The Body

The body is the extended version of the lead paragraph. After a strong lead, the article should be followed up with a well-written story that contains other facts and information about the story, and quotes from the spokesperson. It should be written in chronological order. In other words, the most important information must come first and each following paragraph should give fewer details. A quote from a spokesperson should be given with the name of the person, followed by their relevant title.


The Inverted Pyramid

The journalistic term “The Inverted Pyramid” refers to the style of journalism which places the most important facts at the beginning and then provide additional information at the end.

7 tips to consider while writing an effective news article!

1- Know what is newsworthy

Stories become news because of their importance, impact, interest to the reader. News values are the elements of a story that are used to determine a story’s newsworthiness. Understanding news values draw a broader audience. The subject of a news article should contain important information and developments. The story must be based on reputable sources, objective and up to date. Please read our blog post for more information.

2- Grab and hook your reader

In order for a news article to take place in the media, it must first attract the attention of journalists. A news story with data, statistics and figures is much more effective in attracting the attention of the journalist and increase the possibility of the news to be published. The more catchy the headline of the news, the more it gets read.

3- Follow the rules of journalism when writing

There are some rules and standards to be followed while writing a news story in order to be taken into consideration by journalists and to be understood by readers. The most important of these is to answer 5W1H (Who, What, Where, When, Why and How) questions in the news article. Answers should be given in correct order and flow. The Inverted pyramid is the best approach for effective and fluent writing.

4- Keep it simple and use clear language

A news article is for everyone and aims to inform the readers by giving them correct and updated information. That is why it is crucial to maintain an informative tone. A good news article should be clear and understandable. Unnecessary details that distract the reader should be avoided. Moreover, it should be written in active voice, not passive voice. Writing in the active tense creates a more personal link between the copy and the reader. The more action sentences that are included in the news story, the more a reader will feel that it really happened. Keeping sentences and paragraphs short, and not using lots of heavily descriptive language is ideal.

5. Insert quotations

Some writers choose to add quotations as they write. Others decide to add their quotations at specific points in the story, after it’s already been developed. Either way, place your quotes and be sure to identify key people in the story by their full name, occupation, and age.

6. Research additional facts and figures, fact check everything

A news article reinforced with figures and statistics will always attract the attention of readers. Data-driven articles are always more newsworthy. Writing an impactful and informative news article requires thorough research. The first step is to accumulate reliable first-hand information.

  • Interviewing people connected to the story.
  • Gathering quotes from people.
  • Researching public information

7- Get support from professionals

Most people working in the media sector have written a news article or two. While writing news articles may be a familiar scope for many, for those who don’t have previous experience this can be a little baffling. In this critical process, getting support from PR experts can help you prove your professionalism and strengthen your image and reputation among journalists and your target audience.

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