How to measure the impact of a press release?

The performance of PR and press releases can only be measured by detailed media analysis and reporting. You can find tips, metrics and key indicators on evaluating and measuring the effectiveness of PR in our “How to measure the impact of a press release?” blog content.

In today's world where communication activities are of great importance; companies began to give more importance to PR to ensure that their products, ideas or projects reach potential customers. Providing a quality product or a service is the first condition that ensures the continuity of a company, but it is not adequate. No matter how good your product or service is, if you do not offer innovations to the end-user and do not engage in advertising, press communication and sponsorship activities that will increase your awareness, you cannot complete your branding process. Regardless of whether you are a large company or a small enterprise, sustainability in financial and social terms is based on staying up to date. Although many competitors are competing in the same market, brands do not focus on sales efforts and do not carry out sufficient communication works. As a result, companies vanquish from the market and are not remembered. According to Nielsen's research to understand the generations in 2017, generation Z do not have a problem losing 70% of the brands in their lives. So, how important is PR for a company that aims to be a leader in its sector?

In addition to advertising, companies give particular importance to PR in order to remind themselves to the target consumer groups, to announce their new products and to increase their sales by creating brand awareness and recognition. Unfortunately, there is a false perception that PR activities are advertising activities. It should be noted that: the processes and objectives of PR and advertising are different. PR is an organically spreading message, while advertising is buying a media channel. (TV, web, radio, etc.) The greatest strength of PR is that it is in close contact with the press and reaches the masses through online and written publications. Although using traditional and digital media together to construct advertising works will have satisfying results for the brands, it is very costly. The best way to reduce these costs and reach the target audience from many media channels is by sending a press release.

The fact that a brand is a leader in a sector does not mean that it will remain in that position forever. The existence of companies depends on their productivity and reputation. Companies will vanquish over time if they are not open to innovation, even if there is not much competition in the market. If you want your brand to be among the pioneers of the sector; you need to take every step right from the start. If you do not operate in a niche sector, you may have to make an extra effort to build your reputation. When you step into an industry where you have a large number of competitors, you should spread your message to your target audience by highlighting your difference. Doing this will make your brand stand out from others. One of the essential criteria of sustainability is aiming to be one of the leading companies in the sector since the establishment and to run communication works in this direction. Sending a press release that will increase your visibility in the media channels is the most effective way to increase brand awareness and attract the attention of potential customers.

Why send a press release?

Although the primary purpose of companies is to increase sales at the end of the day, this is not the only way to measure the return on investment. (ROI) Trust is the key to turning potential customers into loyal users and maintaining customer loyalty. Press releases and special news/interviews are among the most effective methods of communication used to increase the image of a company and improve the existing perception. The presence of your press release in reputable publications increases your audience's confidence in you. Brand awareness will increase as you bring newsworthy content to the public via the media. Advertisement directly spreads the brand's message, like saying, “I am the best in the sector.” However, “the two steps of communication,” which is among the communication theories, reveal a significant point. The transmission of the message to the public through public leaders or opinion leaders, not directly to the end-user, changes the quality of the message and carries it to a much more respectable point.

Even if the effects of PR are seen in the long term, you build trust and reputation in public and make your brand positioning correct. With being budget-friendly, having advertising value and getting rapid media coverage, press releases are the most effective communication tool. A newsworthy press release will increase the brand value of a company by reaching the right audience and expand its customer network.

Make room for digital PR.

Day by day, PR is becoming more and more important for the brands. Since all brands operate differently in terms of products, market and target groups, communication approaches should be different from each other. While traditional PR is still sufficient for some brands, digital PR is more effective for some brands. A press release is located at the heart of both traditional and online PR that meets the needs of brands. Providing an economical and fast solution to the brands, sending a press release allows brands to see the results of the PR by providing measurable graphs and data.

How to analyze a press release distribution?

In 2015, International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) came together to find the answer to the question of "How to measure PR performance?”. You can set a vision for success and see how close you are to your goal with the strong reporting system of B2Press. Detailed media analysis of your published press release is presented to you in a special report format. In this way, you can get a new perspective on press communication and get accurate results. B2Press serves as a service in all PR stages. Providing end-to-end communication by presenting content preparation, distribution and reporting, Online PR Agency B2Press has a service model that is called “pay as you go.” With this model, you only pay when you use the services.

Focus on the impact of the press release.

Performance measurement cannot be expected to be done by only considering the number of coverages. The efficiency of the press release is determined by how many people it has reached and the change in perception among the audience. Perception can’t be changed within a day but can be created or changed with a sustainable plan. If you do not know what you expect from PR, you cannot measure it. Strengthening your image and building trust in people's minds is not just a structure that can be measured in numbers.

The measurement must be transparent, consistent and valid.

In the past, the success of communication efforts was measured only through sales figures. Nowadays, we are living in a big data age where the number of clicks on digital channels can be seen from the most searched pages. In this sense, measuring the impact of the press release and presenting it to you through the reporting service reveals the value of communication. Thus, the figures in the report now make sense, allowing you to analyze the efficiency of the press release.

The value of the press release cannot be measured by the advertising equivalent.

As long as the press releases are of interest to the public, they have news value and thus have the chance to take part in many channels. Advertising equivalent is the financial equivalent in all written and online media channels where the news is published. In this sense, we should be aware that the success of the press release should not be limited to the advertising equivalent. The success of a press release should be analyzed not as a single point of view, but as a whole. You can examine the success of your press release from many points thanks to the strong reporting service offered by B2Press. For sample reports and media analysis, please contact [email protected]


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Content for Impact
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Localization Capabilities
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Detailed Reporting
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Strong Distribution Network
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Brand Awareness
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Economical Solution
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