How to launch a product with PR?

Product launch to a new market consists of strategic communication activities be it a new product or an existing one. Effective and successful launching processes include product testing, target audience analysis, detailed launch plan, media planning and reporting.

Nowadays, the increasingly intense competitive environment brings forward the communication activities of brands in terms of products and services. A product launch that makes a strong impression from the first sight, especially on the introductory stage is getting more and more important. So, how to prepare a detailed launch plan for successful and effective market entry? Here are the answers to all these questions in our blog post for you.

Product launch is a set of strategic communication efforts for a brand to announce a new product or service to the press, the industry and public. It is a serious process involving comprehensive steps such as understanding customer needs, designing the product according to these needs, testing, marketing, promotion and even delivering the product to the mass. A successful product launch not only gives the brand momentum in terms of sales but also provides a positive impression of the quality and reliability as well as reinforces the brand's position and reputation. Successful product launch is an outcome of a carefully planned pre-launch and post-launch steps which ensure the desired effect on the target audience. In this regard, there are some golden rules to consider for the detailed launch plan.

7 main steps for an effective new product launch

Test the product

Preparing for the launch and planning everything thoroughly is crucial for success. The first step is to get sure of your product. Testing the product from every angle and presenting it to consumers without a flaw directly affects the image of not only the product but also the brand. Therefore, complete all product and sample checks against possible surprises and accidents.

Get to know your target audience

After taking the first step, in other words after making sure of your product, now it’s time to investigate the target audience you want to reach. Getting to know consumers interests, demographic characteristics, communication tools, even the media channels they prefer and social media usage habits can be useful. In this way, you can have an idea about where and how the new product or service will be introduced, that is where you can plan all the necessary processes for a product launch.

Do not skip launch processes

Determine the message you want to give within the scope of the launch in advance and supply this message to ensure appropriate feedback. For this, it is necessary to carry out the pre-launch, launch itself and post-launch processes within a certain plan and integrate the desired messages into each of these three stages. Thus, the desired impact on the target audience is reinforced and a sustainable marketing strategy is adopted.

Find an interesting idea

Product launch should be engaging to reach and mobilize the masses. Try to create a fiction that appeals to the interests and tastes of the target audience. That will surely attract their attention and develop your launch idea. Factors such as the channels where the new product or service is announced, the language used in communication, the promises of the product or service, even the first experience of the consumer are quite effective in attracting attention. The way of appealing varies on the product and its target audience. Naturally, the product launches of a shoe and a cheese brand differ from each other in terms of the influence tools, the promises they offer and the language of communication.

Make a 360-degree launch plan

For a remarkable product launch, confront the target audience first. The impact of the launch depends on the announcements made using the right channels. At this point, the media emerges as the most effective tool. Since product launch is a diverse activity - communication, advertising, a detailed strategy, creative preparation and media planning are essential. In this context, strive to create discourses, determine the brand ambassador who will appear in front of the press and the target audience, distribute press releases, prepare advertisement visuals for promotion and broadcast a commercial film, if available. Online and offline media channels where the target audience is active are the right places to announce all these.

Be visible in the press, focus on digital

Use the media to meet the target audience within the scope of product launch. This is only possible by being in contact with journalists. Informing them about the product through press releases enables the launch to be heard by your target audience. Once you want to reach wider audiences, it is vital to be visible on digital media. Thanks to the internet, online news sites, forums and blogs come to the fore at providing news, so media appearance on online channels is a great advantage. Targeting the right channels and journalists plays a critical role in during all three processes - in the pre-launch announcements, the developments during the launch and it also reinforces the perception of the product or service after the launch.

Press release studies conducted within the scope of a product launch are the most effective communication and digital marketing tool used to provide information about the product. Some details, such as features of the product, the benefits it provides, the purpose for which it is used or the awards it has, are delivered to large masses thanks to the distribution of press releases and makes the launch resonant.

Measure and report the impact of the launch campaign

In order to get efficient results from all stages of the product launch, one should evaluate the feedback on the communication activities and measure the created effect. In this way, both the accuracy of the adopted communication strategy is determined and the sustainability of the followed road map is ensured. In order to evaluate all these, it is necessary to make the studies measurable. At this point, digital media emerges as the most effective tool. In the age of technology, online news sites, forums, blogs and social media platforms, which are the main news sources, eliminate the time-space boundaries, unlike mass media such as printed newspapers, television and radio, which are called traditional media - online channels provide access to more people and turn out to be data-driven which allows measuring the impact.

Following these 7 rules, you can successfully launch your product! In case you want to be sure of the outcome of the process, entrust it to the expert team and contact the first pay-as-you-go online PR agency B2Press.


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