Turkish model against counterfeit masks and disinfectants

Turkish model against counterfeit masks and disinfectants
27 April 2020

Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, there has been an increase in fraud, theft and counterfeiting crimes in products such as masks, disinfectants and medications worldwide. While fraudsters took advantage of the shortage of personal protective equipment in the market, black market activities increased. The solution was the serialization and traceability infrastructure used by Turkey in many products, especially medications, since 2012.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Limited-access products such as masks, disinfectants, gloves, fire meters have also increased the number of fraudsters trying to take advantage of the coronavirus outbreak. There has been an increase in many crimes, especially in black market and counterfeiting. In March and April, millions of euros worth of counterfeit products were seized in operations by security forces across Europe, according to European Police Service Europol’s report. It was also found that the masks imported from China did not conform to the required medical norms, and the certificates were also forged. It is stated that counterfeit protection products and medications released against the virus increased the spread of the epidemic.

"In 2012, Turkey also started to fight against counterfeit products"

Reminding that illegal activities such as black market and counterfeiting is a situation that exists even under normal market conditions, VISIOTT General Manager Emre Özden states that these activities can reach a more serious and dangerous dimension in an environment where half of the world is in quarantine. Özden explained that the solution is serialization and traceability technologies used in medication tracking system implementation in Turkey since 2012.

Referring to the importance of serializing all products that may be subject to illegal activity and ensuring traceability in the market, Emre Özden said, “Identifying each product means also serializing. For example, giving a serial number (ID) to each N95 mask produced independently and printing the number on the product with a QR code is a very simple example that can be given to serialization. Traceability, on the other hand, can be defined as the tracking of a product along the entire supply chain with an electronic recording system. In this way, it is prevented that consumers purchase more products than their needs, as well as black market and counterfeit production.”

“Medication tracking system will set an example for the days after a corona.”

Reminding that the only industry where product serialization and traceability concepts are strictly applied in the world, Özden said: “The pharmaceutical industry across the world has been battling black market and counterfeiting for years. Serialization and traceability of drugs were successfully implemented in Turkey in 2012 for the first time in the world. This practice has been an example of accelerating the publication of medication tracking system regulations in all countries of the world. In the samples we present on visiott.com, we predict that the medication tracking systems, which are still in their infancy in many countries, will be more important and functional after the pandemic. ”


VISIOTT founded AGE computer systems and automation activities Ltd in Turkey in 2005. Ltd. it was established with the title. In 2009, it started to develop hardware and software in accordance with the requirements of the Drug Monitoring System. He then developed traceability projects for the pharmaceutical, plant protection products, cosmetics and civilian explosives industries abroad under the VISIOTT brand. VISIOTT has successfully completed more than 500 traceability projects turnkey since 2009. VISIOTT continues its R & D and production activities with more than 50 personnel in its production facility with a covered area of 3,000 m2.