itelligence SAP de Turquie à plus de 4 récompenses!

itelligence SAP de Turquie à plus de 4 récompenses!
09 Mai 2018

itelligence SAP de Turquie à plus de 4 récompenses!

L'une des sociétés de conseil SAP les plus prospères au monde, itelligence a remporté 4 des 10 récompenses de SAP avec son

*** Ce communiqué de presse est à l'origine publiée en turc. 
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ISTANBUL (TR) - Auto Participation, which is an application that is included in the Private Pension System (PPS) of the private many different industry and customer segments in 2017 for its contribution to SAP's global business strategies and for its outstanding performance.

itelligence, Turkey across 32 involving different partner SAP business partners of the awards given in 10 different categories in the ecosystem "Highest Cloud Licensing revenue of Partner", "Top Cloud Human Resources Income resulting Eden Partner", "Top Cloud Digital Supply Chain Sustaining Business Partner Orta and ğı Most Certified Business Partner Danışman awards this year. 5-6 SAP Partner Day 2018 award event held in May, 600 people in the name of family itelligence itelligence Turkey CEO Dr. Abdülbahri Danış and itelligence Director of Sales received Fatih Iraq.

itelligence CEO made a statement on the subject. Consult the Abdülbahr, "increases our motivation every new awards we have won in our journey to Turkey in the global arena and we are proud to continue with the success we have achieved in private. I congratulate all my colleagues who have contributed to this success.

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