The final of the business idea competition “Leave a mark with your idea” was held

The final of the business idea competition “Leave a mark with your idea” was held
14 September 2020

The final of the business idea competition called “Leave a mark with your idea”, organized for the first time in partnership with the Ankara branch of the Association of young businessmen of Turkey (TUGIAD) and Atılım University, was held on Saturday, September 12.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Zafer Yıldırım, Head of TÜGİAD Ankara Branch, stated that 151 different projects applied in the first stage to the competition organized to mentor innovative technologies and social start-ups. The remaining 30 projects after the pre-selection process were reduced to 5 projects after a detailed examination.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the results of the meeting, which was held in accordance with the social distance rules, were announced by the jury consisting of TÜGİAD members, Atılım University academicians and successful business people. “Kübra ÇONTAR, Beyza ÇONTAR, Adem GÜNESEN team won the contest, where 151 projects have competed since its inception. In addition to the opportunity to meet the successful names of the business world, the team also won the first prize of 50 thousand liras. Barış SEZER, Berkcan ÜNLÜ, Zeynep GORAL and Burak ERKOÇ team took the second place in the contest with their participating projects and won the 30 thousand liras. Arda ÖZGENER, Doğancan YARKA and Halil Burak YILMAZ, the third in the competition, were the team that won the prize of 20 thousand liras. In addition to monetary awards, R&D Project Writing & Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights and Mentorship Support will be given to all projects ranking in the competition.

Young entrepreneurs come together with the business world

TÜGİAD Ankara Branch President and jury member Zafer Yıldırım said that the competition achieved its purpose. Stating that they meticulously examined the projects that went through a long screening process, President Yıldırım stated that they chose the projects that could best survive in the competitive structure of the business world. Expressing that they set out to mentor minds with a vision for the future, Yıldırım stated that they are happy to come together with ideas that will shape the future.

The fact that all of the jury members, who are successful in their field, are startup investors or they are in close contact with such investors, increases the importance of the competition. Therefore, it is quite natural that the competition attracts great attention from young entrepreneurs. TÜGİAD Ankara and Atılım University are determined not to leave this interest unanswered. The organizations that are satisfied with the interest of young entrepreneurs will organize the contest again next year.

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